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Currently, we’ve already been accustomed to hearing Instagram as the most sought after tool for sharing photos and creating a large following community. Those are the two great concepts for professionals who use this platform as a channel to gain more influence.

However, mastering the best strategies to sell more on Instagram isn’t a simple task. Luckily, with this ultimate support guide to selling more, you’ll stop seeing this social network as a simple platform to only share photos with your friends.

The time has come to take a step further with your business and discover the full potential of Instagram to generate sales.

The starting goal of this guide is to consider the first few effective steps with your business, so it’s important to take good note of:

  • How to optimize your account
  • What are the most effective strategies to attract followers

How to optimize your Instagram account to sell?

If you’ve already downloaded the app on your smartphone, used your Facebook account as part of the registration data, and generated new credentials to access a new profile, it’s the time stop here and see how to optimize your profile to the fullest.

Basic notions about your Instagram account

Something that not everyone knows when they decide to follow an Instagram sales strategy is that this social network was originally designed to share images and, although the text also has a place, usually you will not be able to include clickable links in your posts.

This fact doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to carry a sales strategy on Instagram, but if you do, you’ll have to know tricks and practices to attract traffic that not everyone knows.

For example, to attract traffic to your website or a specific URL, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Make reference in your posts about the highlighted link that you have in your bio so that your followers can visit it.
  • Correctly use the links in Instagram with certain specialized tools (you’ll find some of these tools in the final section of this guide).
  • Label your photos with the most used #hashtags to gain visibility and reach more people.
  • Share mini-videos in which you refer to news or other main content on your website.
  • Unleash your imagination to share clickable Instagram Stories that engage your community from the start.

While Instagram gives us many possibilities for optimization and creation of content in different formats, you should take note of its limitations regarding:

  • Characters: The limits are between 29 and 150 for bios, but for comments and texts that accompany your posts, you can write up to 2,200.
  • Labels: You can’t tag more than 20 people per post.
  • Hashtags: A maximum of 30 per your own post (never from third parties).
  • Tracking: 200 follows and unfollows per hour.
  • Comments: 60 per hour.
  • Likes: 100 “I like” other posts per hour.
  • Automation: Until very recently, this was totally impossible with external tools. Thankfully, we now have the ability to schedule posts from some of the best-known tools such as Hootsuite or SocialFlow.

Do you want some tips from Triunfagramers who want to sell on Instagram? Well, get your pens and papers and write down the following:

  • Respect the limitations that could mark you as a spammer and make you lose your Instagram account, such as tagging strangers or using automatic applications to leave comments and likes.
  • Do not abuse the hashtags in each publication and combine this practice with the inclusion of these in additional comments.
  • Avoid by all means the forced practices to gain followers in a short time, such as buying followers or doing the classic follow/unfollow practice.

Tips to create a profile and a powerful bio

Selling on Instagram or any other social network is definitely far from easy. Forget about miraculous formulas to get followers and expecting them to instantly become your customers; You have to do things right from the very beginning.

A good place to start is by optimizing your profile and creating a very powerful bio. This is a subject that you can deepen your knowledge in and learn so much more using the #Triunfagram course.

As a summary, we’ll see one by one the 7 elements that will help you create a powerful bio in order to generate more visits from Instagram users, as well as facilitate the consumption of your profile information:

  • Profile name: This shouldn’t be the same as the user account that you created at the beginning, but it is very interesting that, in addition to a name, you can use a description that defines you or your business professionally.
  • Link: A very smart decision at the strategic level is to use a personalized link with which you can keep track of how many people accessed the bio link on your profile.
  • Hashtags and accounts: Using hashtags in Instagram supposes the possibility of enhancing conversions since these are clickable from the profiles (and also the mentions to other accounts).
  • Call to action: Indicates a call to action for users to give, for example, a click on the link of your bio.
  • Symbols and emojis: Using these fun elements in your biography can give a very distinctive touch, as you can see in the example image.
  • Featured Covers in IG Stories: A novelty of Instagram Stories is it’s very interesting “Highlights” where we can make our content more understandable to our followers and getting more followers by creating easily consumable content.

How and what happens to a company profile?

If you’re totally new to Instagram and you’re in the stage where you’ve just created your account, you’re probably not aware that by default you’ll have a personal profile.

In other words, just like on Facebook, you can create a profile as a private user or set up a fan page for your company or business on Instagram.  

And what difference is there or why should you pass your personal profile to a company profile? Well, some of its advantages are the following:

  • You will have access to statistical data about the visibility of your posts.
  • You can include additional elements in your bio, such as a call to action button.
  • With over 10 thousand subscribers, you can put links on your Instagram Stories.
  • You’ll have access to Instagram’s new native integration, “Shoppable post.”

In order to make this conversion, you only need to have a Facebook fan page with which you can synchronize your publications (Oh! And keep in mind that you can’t put your profile on closed or private).

Once knowing of all this and you’re absolutely convinced to make the change (although you can always go back), you just have to follow these 4 easy steps:

  • Select the Instagram profile that you want to convert (in case you have more than one account).
  • Access the profile settings> accounts> change to the company profile.
  • Activate the synchronization with Facebook (you can do it from Facebook and from Instagram).
  • Complete all company data in your new Instagram profile.

Super strategies to attract quality followers

In addition to all the hacks you can apply in your profile to have it 100% tuned and in order to boost sales in your business through Instagram, there are a number of strategies effective in gaining more followers.

One way to jumpstart your selling career in Instagram is by trying out SimplyGram’s free trial to heighten your new profile’s visibility and to possibly get 2, 000 to 3, 000 more engaging and organic followers.

Here are some strategies that will help you in building your business profile by providing better content. First, you have to think about how to create content for Instagram that will truly help you sell since posting beautiful photos alone without any strategic focus isn’t going to serve you at all.

Before moving on to showing you our strategies defined according to the types of formats you can share, here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Adapt content from other social networks to share it on Instagram.
  • Study the type of content your competition shares.
  • Create branded content to highlight anniversaries and holiday times.
  • Support charitable causes by accompanying them with corporate elements.
  • Share emotional phrases that allow you to connect with your audience.
  • Tirelessly create and share promotional content through videos.
  • Combine publications with content related to lifestyle.
  • Repost other content that you like in order to inspire you later.

Although this may be a lot of work, you should know that it is possible to measure the effectiveness of your content with tools such as (Although not everything is about the statistics of business accounts!).

In the complete course of #Triunfagram, you can discover a lot in order to be an expert and to learn how to sell on Instagram with solid and professional strategies. Here, we’ll see the star formats of this social network:

  • The photos with filters
  • The hashtags
  • The videos
  • The shoppable posts

As a recommendation for Triunfagramers:  DO NOT follow the follow-unfollow technique to gain followers, it’ll be much better to take care of them with valuable content and encourage them to invite more friends to follow you through contests.

Instagram Filters

The leading role of photography as an attraction element in Instagram is what led to this application becoming a very powerful resource to strengthen the branding and sales strategy of all types of businesses.

In this sense, a very powerful functionality of Instagram that we have all practically tested are the filters. Here are 3 ways on how to choose the perfect filter:

  • Use the filters that you like the most at your own discretion.
  • Use the filters most used by other users.
  • Do not use filters and stand out for your natural photographs.

Unless you are an expert in photography, playing with these beautiful effects helps you get more interactions in your photographs and more followers.

Use of hashtags

The use of hashtags must be applied with caution since it has become a bad practice by BOTs and false accounts to get many followers.

And why does this happen? Well, we think that a #hashtag is basically like an account managed by millions of people, so spaces are created to spy on the competition.

Around these practices, we also have the possibility to follow ethical and effective strategies that go through:

  • Detecting the most powerful hashtags
  • Sorting through hashtags by themes.
  • Organizing and testing the most effective hashtags.

Hashtags are usually classified as generic or widely-used by professionals, communities, personal profiles, and trends.

In any case, you have to get 80% of the most used hashtags to get more visibility and interactions in a shorter period of time. Rest assured, with this, you can reach your goal of selling on Instagram and gaining more followers.

How to identify which are the most important hashtags? Well for this:

  • Create a cloud of words related to your business through 5 different types of hashtags.
  • Analyze the hashtags used by your competitors and from different influencers in the sector.
  • Help yourself with tools to search for Instagram hashtags (you’ll find some in the last point of this ultimate guide).
  • Remember that for each post you can only include a maximum of 30 hashtags, so organize those that you consider more powerful (but don’t reuse them by merely copy-pasting them because you could be considered as a spammer).

The best way to test the effectiveness of the hashtags you’ve chosen is to analyze the daily increase in followers of your profile. If all goes well, you’ll begin to notice a substantial increase in your community after two weeks.

Video format

More than videos, what is carried on Instagram are the posts in mini video format which you can record from the app itself, applying filters and choosing beautiful covers (among other things).

The video format, of course, also has its drawbacks that have to do with the consumption of data. Yet you can’t deny that you can make short videos with a promotional message to sell on Instagram without any problem, such as:

  • Educational tutorials
  • Mini-interviews
  • Humorous short videos.
  • Ads and exclusive promotional videos (that leave you wanting more).

And if you have the restlessness to know if you can embed these videos on your website or blog, at the end of this ultra guide you’ll discover the different tools to achieve it.

Shoppable posts

One of the most recent native integrations of Instagram is “shoppable posts”, a fantastic option to sell more and that we had been waiting for some time.

There’s a function for company accounts where it’s possible to tag people on specific products. This is done in order to directly inform them and give them access to the “buy” option of their Instagram business profiles.

Important tools used to sell on Instagram

Throughout this guide, we have been revealing tips to optimize your profile and strategies to create a community of quality followers to strengthen your sales strategy on Instagram. You can start out by soaring beyond that 5, 000 follower-count and getting new organic and engaging followers through SimplyGram, one of the best Instagram growth service in 2019.

Now, let’s see what specific tools, shall we?

Tools for links

Management tools

  • Hootsuite to manage your Instagram account and other social networks.
  • Bluestacks to manage your accounts from the computer.
  • IconoSquare to analyze the effectiveness of your content.
  • Repost for Instagram (IOS) to share content from your fans.
  • Crowdfire for the management of followers.

Tools for filters

Tools for hashtags

  • Expert Hashtag for IG (IOS) and the IG search engine to find related hashtags.
  • Focalmark to find hashtags by categories and locations.
  • Purposes display to find related hashtags from a computer.

Tools for videos

  • Flipagram (IOS) to make mini videos from photographs.
  • Lapse it (IOS) to create mini videos in stop-motion.
  • Hyperlapse (IOS) to create time-lapse videos.
  • Embed Instagram to embed IG videos on your website or blog.
  • Storify to create a story and, later, to be able to attach Instagram videos to your web content.

And this has been your practical guide to sell more on Instagram. Thankfully, it’s loaded with starting-out tips and more advanced strategies to enhance your Instagram profile and take your business to another level.

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