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Instagram competitions are booming. More and more brands create Instagram profiles to connect to their audience using images and videos. For online contests, many brands develop their own application and others do it manually.

Steps To Create A Contest On Instagram

  • Have an account on Instagram, if you don’t have it then you should create one
  • Define the objective of the contest that you are going to create
  • Define and develop the creativity of the contest
  • Define the hashtag for the Contest / Sweepstakes (you have to verify if the hashtag already exists. You can do this by using Instagram mobile apps or tools such as SnapWidget and Instagrid)
  • Create the audiovisual pieces of the contest, these are the pieces that will be shared on various social networks to publicize the contest
  • Define the duration of the contest (it is better for it to be more than 15 days, the contests on Instagram require more time to achieve greater impact)
  • Launch your contest through the Instagram app by uploading an image that describes how to participate, then share the information of the contest on other social networks
  • Promote your contest
  • Measure the impact of your contest (participations, likes, and comments of the images sent by the participants), and its impact in other social media such as Twitter and Facebook

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How To Share The Contest In Other Media: Facebook, Blogs and Websites

If you want to have a gallery with all the images that participants have sent, you can use the app SnapWidget. This is a tool that allows you to create widgets with the images that users send with a hashtag.

When creating a widget with this tool, it generates an embed code that you can use to make the photos appear on your website, blog or even in a Facebook tab. This is how it would look on Facebook.

Screenshot 2013-06-11 at (s) 17.36.33

Instagram Competitions With Moderation

Statigram has recently launched an option to share on Facebook a feed with a hashtag that allows for previous moderation. This is a great idea to take care of the image of the brand and the invalid entries in contests.

If you want to use this tool you can click here, although I notice that moderation is not free, the cheapest package is $29 and includes up to 500 images.

These would be the steps to install a Facebook tab with an Instagram feed: log in to Facebook, select the fan page where you want to add the tab and log in to Instagram.

Screenshot 2013-06-11 at (s) 17.42.21

Then the only thing you need to do next is to determine the hashtag you’re going to use and check if you want to use moderation or not. Finally, select “create tab now” if it is without moderation and “place your order” if you wish to do it in moderation.

Keys To Create A Successful Instagram Contest

  • Define very clearly the mechanics of participation in your contest (you can write a note on Facebook or a post on your blog explaining in more detail your contest)
  • Thank the users for their participation in the contest
  • Have a communication plan to support your contest
  • Set a medium-long period for the duration of your contest
  • Select a good gift that is related to your brand or failing a product or service yours.

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