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Instagram is a great tool to connect with friends and family, take a peek at the lives of your favorite celebrities, and get helpful ideas from authorities in niches of your interest. And if you are an active Instagram user and post frequently to the network, you could inspire your followers with some fantastic pictures and stories. In any case, you might have wondered whether it is possible to see who views your Instagram profile. 

In fact, who views my Instagram is one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet. You want to know who is stalking you on Instagram. Or you’re just curious if a specific individual has visited your profile. 

In this article, we’ll answer your Instagram-related questions, including the following:

  • Is there a way to see who views your Instagram? 
  • Can people see if you look at their Instagram?
  • Can you see who views your Instagram story?
  • Do third-party apps show who viewed my Instagram profile?

Can you see who views your Instagram profile

Seeing who is liking and commenting on your Instagram post is not rocket science. Instagram notifies you every time someone interacts with your posts. But is it possible to see who visits your profile without interacting with your posts? Think about someone who might be secretly stalking you on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let users see who visits their profiles, irrespective of whether or not they follow you. Instagram’s has a stringent privacy policy when it comes to knowing who visits your profile. Likewise, if you scroll through someone’s Instagram account without interacting with their content, there’s no way they would know you were there. 

Instagram and Facebook work in identical ways. Both of these social media networks do not let you see who viewed your profile, notwithstanding the profile type; business accounts, Instagrammer with a public profile, or someone with a personal account. If you have a business profile, Instagram will show you statistics about the number of people who visited your profile and interacted with your posts. But it will not show you their names and other profile information. 

How to see who views your Instagram stories

Instagram stories work differently than posts and profiles. Instagram does not hide people who viewed your stories, whether or not they interacted with your story. It always shows the specific people who saw your story. This feature allows you to see if your followers are checking out your stories. And if you are a business or influencer, you’ll be able to check whether you are targeting the right people. 

Stories remain in the ‘live status’ for 24 hours after being posted, and Instagram shows a “viewers list” for you to see who saw your story. Just tap on your story, and it will display the list at the bottom of the story. Next, tap on the list, and it will show the people who saw your story. Instagram also sends notifications about the number of people who saw your story. Tapping on the notifications will display the names of people who viewed your story.

This is a great tool to get insights into your audience. But after 24 hours, the list will disappear. The good news is that you get the option to save your stories, which means you can, later on, see who viewed them.

Is there a third-party app that shows who viewed your Instagram profile

Like many people out there, you might be curious if there is a third-party Instagram profile viewer or app to see who viewed your profile. Maybe you want to see posts on someone’s private profile without following them. Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012, both of these social networks have got rigorous privacy settings. There is no surefire third-party app that can allow you to see who viewed your Instagram profile. 

You may have seen advertisements about apps that promise to notify you and provide details whenever someone takes a look at your Instagram profile. Many such apps are not reliable and legitimate. They are created to collect your data that the app creators will then sell to other parties. You must do your research and have a look at their reviews before using them. Here are some apps that appear to be secure, based on their reviews. 

Follower Insight for Instagram (Android)

Follower Insight for Instagram is a user-friendly app that lets you see who visits your Instagram profile. It will notify you when someone follows, unfollows, or blocks you on Instagram. 

Visitors Pro App for iOS

This app will collect your Instagram data and then display a list of people who frequently interact with your photos and stories. It is a good app to see who is more interested in your content. 

While third-party apps provide you data about your most engaging followers, they do not show you people who viewed your profile without interacting with your content. These apps simply aggregate the data of people with the highest number of comments and likes on your posts. If you have a public profile and someone who doesn’t follow you visited your profile, these apps won’t be able to track it.


As an Instagram user, you want to know who visited your profile. Instagram notifies users whenever someone follows them or interacts with their posts through likes and comments. It also displays a list of people who saw your story. But the social network does not show when someone silently visits your profile without interacting with your posts. Whether or not a user is following you on Instagram, you wouldn’t know if they are stalking your profile. 

Most of the third-party apps that claim to tell you who visits your profile are illegitimate. They aggregate the data that Instagram already shows, except for a few apps that notify you when someone unfollows or blocks you. Even the third-party apps wouldn’t tell you who viewed your profile without interacting with your content.

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