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Instagram’s new features about sharing stories just keep on surprising us. We know many Instagram Stories features and we know that they’re there but we never really get to use them. Others don’t even know they exist and others are more updated in some accounts than others.

That’s why this time we’re going to see some Instagram video chat and story hacks, some pretty basic and others more innovative. These tricks will surely help you get out of doubt about how Instagram works and how you can get the most out of your options.

How Video Chat works On Instagram

Among the most innovative and popular features, you’ve probably already heard about IGTV, the new official platform for sharing and viewing videos. But without going so far, we can also make video calls within the private messages of Instagram (both individual and group).

Although it isn’t really complex to understand how Instagram uses this type of chat, it’s an option that we hardly use (such as adding music to Instagram Stories videos, which we will see below). Therefore, do not miss this step by step to take advantage of this functionality and call a person or even several from this social network:

How To Call A Person And Speak On Instagram?

If you’ve never used video chat to talk on Instagram because you’ve always been using Skype or other video chatting applications, then you should definitely try it. The Instagram video chat feature is super easy to use, especially since IG is also an application that’s available to use in your phones.

Take note of the simple steps to follow with this guide:

  1. Access the section to send private Instagram messages (DM).
  2. Search and select the user you want to call.
  3. Select the icon of the video camera in the upper right corner.

How to call a group of people?

If using the Instagram video chat with a single user seems easy then making a group call isn’t any harder. Just do the following steps below:

  1. Access the section to send private Instagram messages (DM).
  2. Select the “+” icon in the upper right corner to add users.
  3. Find and add all user accounts that you want to add.
  4. Select the icon of the video camera in the upper right corner.

Tip for Instagram Video Chats: Maybe having your screen busy while you make a video call is inconvenient, but Instagram allows you to continue browsing your application while you converse after clicking the minimization icon in the upper left corner.

More Instagram features for stories

Of all the aspects that can come to mind when you ask how Instagram works, surely many have to do with stories. As of today, we’ve found so many constant updates in the app designed to generate various content ideas for users.

We reckon that since ages ago, you’ve always wanted to put music in your videos or receive more questions and interactions from your community through your Instagram Stories. After learning this then you can definitely test out this new music feature with your new 3, 000 organic users provided by SimplyGram, one of the best Instagram growth service in 2019.

How to share what you hear on Spotify with Instagram Stories?

You may not want to add music to your story, but you’d most likely want to recommend the song you’re listening to right now. For this, you just have to take advantage of the integration of your Spotify account available on your Instagram stories:

  1. Open Spotify and find the song you want to share.
  2. Select the song and click on the ‘share’ option.
  3. Share the song using the option ‘Instagram Stories’.
  4. Upload it to Instagram and customize your story.

How to put music in your Instagram Stories videos?

If what you really want is to have a “soundtrack” background in your live video (i.e., putting a song on Instagram Stories), you can follow these steps (identical to what you would follow to add music on Snapchat):

  1. Open Spotify or your favorite music app.
  2. Start the playback of a song.
  3. Pause the song seconds before the part you are going to share.
  4. Without closing the player, open Instagram to share a story.
  5. Select the video mode without opening the control center.
  6. Click play and quickly close the control panel.
  7. Go back to Instagram Stories and start recording.

How do the new ‘Question Stickers’ work?

Finally, let’s see one of the newest options that Instagram has offered us. In one of its latest updates, we can now ask questions to our followers.

This Instagram feature has “before” and “after” posts about the questions and answers. That is to say:

  • In the first stage, you can open debate and give your community the option to leave their questions. Here are the following steps in how to do so:
  1. Open Instagram Stories and choose a background for your story (a photo, boomerang, template…).
  2. Select within the options of stickers the option of “Questions”.
  3. Customize the box of your sticker by modifying the text (you can change the “ask me a question” for any other suggestion) or the background color (which will also change the background color with which the users’ responses will be shown) and publish.

Tip to use a background type “flat background”: Upload any photo and color on it with the pencil tool to create a flat color background. So your stickers will stand out much more.

  • In the later stage of analysis in which you select the question to answer and share it in a new story (without mentioning who formulated the question). Here are the following steps in how to do so:
  1. After 24 hours of your question story being posted, access the statistics to see the questions that users have left you.
  2. Select one of the questions to answer publicly in a new story (before publishing you can edit the background again).
  3. When sharing the answer you’ll have the option to add a link or video of IGTV.

These are just some of the most practical functions that are often forgotten, or newer (such as question stickers), which give us a lot of opportunities to generate engagement with our brand. 

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