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You tend to think that the longer a message’s exposure time, the more range you will get. That’s why it’s especially interesting to see how it’s possible to get as much visibility on Instagram through the stories, despite its temporal nature.

Instagram stories have increased the reach and strength of the image of various brands. These brands use this tool to reach their audience in a much more effective, direct, and quick way. Some brands also use tools like SimplyGram, an Instagram growth service app that offers a free trial to test out the hustle of growing your Instagram by getting more than 3, 000 followers to start engagement.

However, there are many of us who ask why is it so important to share stories on Instagram and how can you maximize the reach of these stories because there’s a number of actions you can take to boost it.

The potential reach of Instagram stories

The potential of Instagram stories as a tool to achieve visibility can be understood by some clear data, such as:

  • The number of users who consult the Instagram Stories section every day amounts to 150 million worldwide.
  • Your followers are less likely to lose your content if you share it in the form of a story, as they appear prominently and one after the other.
  • The format of the stories is also favorable since it occupies the entire screen and the user views it without distractions.
  • Linked stories get an average between 15% and 25% clicks.

Relevant data: The temporal nature of the content in the form of a story not only offers good results on Instagram in terms of reach since the trend is also very similar to Snapchat (a pioneering social network in this format).

Hacks to gain visibility on Instagram Stories

While it is true that Instagram is a fabulous channel to capture leads and gain the best followers, the average reach that stories get is quite amazing, you can get more visibility and organic growth on Instagram if you worked on focusing it. Take note of the following hacks:

1) Allow your stories to be shared

This is perhaps the most important advice of all because if you follow it you can extend the potential reach of your posts. To do this, you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ section of the profile.
  • Once inside, select ‘Controls of the stories’.
  • Look for the option ‘Allow sharing’, and activate it.

This way, your fans can share with their followers every story you post on Instagram.

2) Relate the content of your stories

You need to adapt all the brand content you can to the format of the stories because this helps you gain more Instagram followers and visibility. For example, you have the option to share the videos of your channel of IGTV and include tags with the most relevant hashtags in your sector, this is the best way to get users that do not know your channel to reach your profile.

Note for #Triunfagramers: Keep in mind that the general hashtags are ‘massified’, so the competition is too high. Therefore, you may have noticed that the abuse of hashtags in the publications of your feed, is not synonymous with more scope in them (hardly a 1 or 2% of the views usually come from the hashtags).

3) Activate the location tag

If you really care about quality (and not so much about quantity), it is in your best interest to include the location in your stories whenever appropriate. This will capture the attention of the interested public in your area of ​​activity.

This is especially recommended for businesses whose strong point is the physical point of sale. In that case, do not rule out including your location also in popular hashtags (for example #madridseduce or #madridgram).

4) Take advantage of the mentions

One way to encourage users to interact with your stories and even share them to reach more people is to mention them under a related theme that can generate conversation.

In addition, as long as you have a close relationship with your community, you can implement other types of actions such as:

  • Invite your followers to share a story related to some content that you have posted.
  • Encourage professional collaborations to request later that they share them in their stories with mention of your profile.
  • Create a new story by responding or showing interactions generated in previous stories (something very much used with the label “questions”).

And here’s the list of hacks for you to maximize your visibility on Instagram Stories. By using SimplyGram’s new 2, 000 to 3, 000 followers and your new hacks, you’ll be assured of your profile’s organic growth and authentic engagement. Did you already know the potential of stories to reach more people?

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