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Updated 08/30/2020

Instagram has a great collection of stickers for you to make your stories more compelling and engaging for your audience, and the countdown sticker is a great addition to that.

Countdowns make everything more fun on Instagram. Using this feature, you can create hype around your posts. This helps make your followers excited about something before it even becomes available. And that is exactly why the countdown for Instagram is so useful feature.

What Is an Instagram Countdown?

The countdown sticker is a crucial part of how to grow an Instagram account via more engagement. Adding a countdown sticker to an Instagram story allows your followers to count down to an upcoming event.

For example, you could use it for a countdown to a product launch or a party. While this feature is currently limited to stories, you can format and customize it in several ways to make it look exciting.

How to Make a Countdown on Instagram?

Now that you know what a countdown is, let’s check out how to add a countdown to your story. 

  1. Open the Instagram app, swipe right to add a photo or video to your story. 
  2. You can use the in-built Instagram camera to capture the moment, or just select media from your gallery too. This will be the background to your story.
  3. Tap on the sticker icon on the top of the screen. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find the countdown sticker. Tap it and add it to your story screen.
  4. Now you can customize it! Give your countdown a name – what are you counting down to? – and set the date and time you want to count down to. You can even use the ‘all day’ option if you don’t want to set a specific time.
  5. If you’ve used this feature previously, you can even select the countdown you’ve made before and use it again with edits.
  6. Tap on the color wheel at the top to change the color of the sticker, and you’re done with customizing!
  7. Tap on ‘Done’ at the top of the screen, and you’ll be taken back to the main story screen. Here, you can change the size of the sticker or change its position. You can even add a caption or another sticker, such as the location or a hashtag to let your followers know what to look forward to.
  8. Now you can share the countdown on your story by clicking on the Add to Story option.

Why Use Countdowns?

Wondering how to get free followers on Instagram? Consider using the countdown option. Countdowns help boost engagement with your followers. They are also convenient because even though stories disappear after 24 hours, your countdown will still run in the background, so you can add it to a new story every day. You can view your old countdowns by tapping on the countdown sticker.

On top of being a good timer for an exciting event, you can use this sticker to encourage more engagement. If your followers tap on your countdown, they will be able to set a reminder for your countdown. The app will send out a notification when the countdown ends, without any need for third-party apps. This story tap will count as engagement, which ultimately leads to organic growth. If you haven’t used a countdown timer yet, give it a try – and see how your engagement grows.

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