3 Quick And Easy Steps To Upload Long Videos On IG Stories post image

Instagram is an awesome app that never ceases to surprise us with their continuous changes and updates. This is why it has become one of the most powerful social media platforms where users converge to show off content and share videos.

One thing you have probably noticed though, is that there are some limitations on the file duration when it comes to uploading videos on Instagram.

How do you address this? The good new is, you simply have to follow the steps and recommendations listed here!

Recommended Apps To Split Videos For Instagram

A great trick to uploading longer videos is to split them into several clips. Here are some recommended apps to get you started:

  • V Splitter to split videos on Instagram from your iPhone.
  • Story Split to perform the same action if you work with Android devices.
Apps To Split Videos For Instagram

Steps To Upload Longer Videos To Instagram

Now that you know what to use to split your video, here’s the step by step guide on how to upload it to your stories:

1) Select and compress the chosen video

Once you have downloaded and launched one of the recommended tools for dividing videos, you now have to choose the video you want to divide. On V Splitter for example, you can do this by clicking on the “Choose” option on the lower right hand part of the screen.

2) Divide and save the segments of your video

If you are using V Splitter to apply this neat trick for Instagram Stories, and you already have your video properly compressed, you can then choose the number of seconds with which you want to divide it by selecting the option “Split and Save”.

For example, if your video lasts 1 minute is therefore too long to upload to your Instagram stories, you can choose to divide it into 4 segments of 15 seconds.

3) Upload as normal content

Once you have already prepared your split videos for Instagram, you just have to go back to your profile to upload one by one as if you were uploading or sharing normal content.

This hack is especially great for Instagram Stories since you can show your Instagram followers full content without having to record several different short videos. And speaking of connecting with your Instagram followers, if you are serious about growing your IG following to 30,000 in less than a year, take time to check out Simplygram.com as well. It is the best Instagram growth service guaranteed to help you find people who would appreciate your work.

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