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Updated: 04/02/2021

Are you running out of new ideas to gain more Instagram followers? Take a second look. Questions and poll stickers in your Instagram Stories just might help you out. Do you know how they work? Have you ever tried them before?

In this article, we will tell you how you can ask Instagram poll questions and post surveys via Instagram Stories while focusing on your marketing strategy. We will also be showing some awesome examples that are sure to inspire you, enhance your creativity and encourage you to create content that is 100% original.

Why are Instagram Poll Questions so Important?

Excellent question! It is one of the easiest and free strategies that you can use to gain engagement and, therefore, more followers on your Instagram account. Along with posting random stuff on your Instagram story, you can take advantage of this feature and utilize it to connect and engage with your followers.

But how do Instagram poll questions really help? Instagram polls are very user-friendly and fun to engage with. When you are thinking to launch new products or produce attention-grabbing content, you can take advantage of your Instagram story and ask your followers relevant questions. If you tailor your content or products according to the answers you got from the poll questions, it will catch the eye of your followers immediately. Your current followers would then love to engage with that product or content. They will like more, comment more, and even share their liking with friends and family. All of this will help you get what? New followers! You see this works like a chain reaction. What can possibly stop you from creating and posting engaging and relevant poll questions on your Instagram story now?

How To Ask Questions and Polls for Instagram Stories?

Are you ready? Let’s begin with the basics. Before learning how to post questions or polls in your stories, it’s important to note what their differences are, and what possibilities are offered by each of these features. Then, we’ll teach you how to create stories with questions and polls.

Polls for Instagram

  • Allows you to pose a question to your Instagram followers through a story.
  • Users can only respond by selecting between two options.
  • By default, the poll question has two choices “Yes” and “No”. You can edit the choices by clicking on the text.
  • The results shown will be the rating or percentage of votes under each choice.

Here is an example of an IG Stories Poll:

IG Stories Poll example image

Questions for Instagram

  • Allows you to pose a question to your Instagram followers through a story.
  • The format is free flow. This means users can write whatever answers they want.
  • You can modify the appearance of the question box by choosing from different colors.
  • The results are replies written by your IG followers. They can be random and quite fun. Anything at all!

Here’s a sample IG Stories Question:

IG Stories Question sample

“Note: Choosing between a question or poll depends on your objective.

Emoji Sliders

Just when you thought we’re limited with the poll ideas. Here comes the emoji sliders! Emoji sliders were introduced back in April 2k18 and they are such a fun way to get responses from your followers in your Instagram story. Just like the poll questions, emoji sliders also require you to add a question in the box but instead of getting a statement reply from your followers or the “yes” or “no” typical answers, they are going to have to slide the heart emoji from left to right. The more right you go, the stronger the emotion is.

For example, you were thinking of introducing a new, fancy dress in your brand and you wanted your followers’ opinion. Instead of asking “do you want this?”, you would say “how badly do you want this?”. If the emoji is on the extreme right side, it’s a green light for you to launch that dress because your followers are already infatuated with it. But if it’s on the extreme left side, then you already know what to do. (Don’t let your boat sink!)

Although it may be quite fun and addicting for your followers to slide the emoji over and over again. But it can be a tad bit of a headache for you to understand the results, unlike the poll questions, which give an absolute answer. However, Instagram will give you an average score along with who voted and how so you can do a little research and analysis yourself.

Some example questions:

  • How big a problem is this for you?
  • How likely would you be to wear this?
  • How much do you love this?
  • How likely would you be to buy this?

Now, let’s start the process of raising questions and creating polls for Instagram Stories. For that, we have divided the process into three phases:

🔑 PHASE 1: Strategic approach

For this first phase, you will have to answer these questions to better understand what your approach will be:

🔎 What is your goal? Example: I’m going to design my new clothing collection and I want to know which colors my Instagram followers like best.

🔎 Who is your target audience? Example: Girls between 25 and 35 years who like handmade clothing and a minimalist style that transcends fashion trends.

🔎 What format do I use (question / poll)? Example: I will post a poll on IG because I already have two color ranges in mind. I just need help with which one to choose.

🔎 What do I ask to connect with my customers on a personal level? (Look for a question that really connects them to your interests and values) Example: What color do you want to dominate your wardrobe next season? Options: White / Black.

🔎 How do I present it to make it attractive? (Image, photo, design, video …) Example: Photo of closet divided into two areas, one with white clothes and another with black clothes.

🔎 At what time do I share it? (In your daily statistics, check the day and time where your IG followers are most active) Example: Monday at 9pm.

🔑 PHASE 2: Release

Now, the time has come to take action and really think on what we have stated in the previous phase. To do this, you will have to follow these steps:

🔎 Research, design and content creation for your IG Story. Get your creative juices flowing!

🔎 At the right moment (day and time where your Instagram followers are most active), if you have an app that allows you to program stories or edit images, you can begin to draft your story.

🔎 Then, go to the stories section of your Instagram app and upload your masterpiece (image, photo or video that you have created).

🔎 Click on the sticker option on the upper right hand side of the screen and select either “Poll” or “Questions”.

🔎 Lastly, if you have chosen Poll, you can now add the question and the two choices that your followers can vote on. If you chose to post a question, all you need to do is type the question and your IG followers will do the rest.

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🔑 PHASE 3: Measurement and gratitude

Once you’ve launched your questions or polls on Instagram stories, it’s time to see the results and draw conclusions. To do so, follow these steps:

🔎 Go to the statistics tab on your Instagram profile and click on the content section.

🔎 From there, you will see your latest stories and their results.

🔎 You will be able to see different types of data. Take special note of the impressions your Instagram story has made and its relationship to the number of people who have participated in that interaction. Participation means your Instagram followers have responded to your survey or sent answers to your question. With this information, you can finally draw your own conclusions in relation to the objectives that you set at the beginning.

🔎 As a thank you to your IG followers, don’t forget to share the results of your polls; respond, react to and share the proposals to your questions through another Instagram story.

More Than 10 Instagram Poll Questions That Will Help You Connect With Your Customers

If you have run out of ideas for questions and polls for Instagram, you will find some original proposals that we hope will awaken your creativity here. You can adjust the questions so they can be perfect for your business or account, and above all, serve the objectives you pursue. Remember that the most important thing to know is being able to connect with your customers, and for that, you will need to find the right question at all times.

📌Make them feel valued and listened to

Ask questions that your followers will be happy to respond to. It should be something fun, simple, and relatable. At the same time, your questions should also serve to direct them to your business by offering a product or service in line with their tastes and needs. For example: How do you like to dress? Formal or Informal? What do you value most about your camera? What is your next sporting challenge?

📌 Appeal to your feelings

Get connected and personal with them by using “I” and sharing stories that are close to your heart. For example: What was the name of your first boyfriend? What name would you give to your first son/daughter? Who is the person you miss the most? To love or be loved? What was the craziest thing you ever did for love?

📌Make them remember

Make them return to their past, their roots and their childhood. For example: What was your favorite toy as a child? Are you still friends with your best childhood friend? What do you like the least about living with your parents? If you could go back in time, what would you change?

📌 Let them dream

Pose a completely hypothetical situation and let them tell you what they would do. For example: If you were a superhero, who would you be? If you could be the protagonist of a movie, who would you be? If you could have a superpower, what would it be? If you could ask the genie of the lamp for one wish, what would it be? If you could change the world, where would you start? Would you rather live in a bubble or a tree until you die?

📌Awaken their curiosity

There are impossible and intriguing questions that can awaken your followers’ interests. For example: Why do we cross our fingers to attract luck? Why do we represent the heart with a shape that is not real? Is it true that rolling down the windows of the car increases fuel consumption?

📌 Make them laugh

Fun Instagram poll questions are always a good resource to draw out smiles, and even, laughter. For example: What is the funniest anecdote you have ever told? What is the funniest joke you know by heart? What is your greatest unspeakable pleasure? What is the strangest thing you have seen at home? If you had to give the ugliest name in the world to your child, what would it be? If you were arrested for some reason, what would your friends and relatives believe you have done? What is your most special and absurd ability? Would you rather sneeze for an hour or have hiccups? If you were a dog – which dog would you be? What sport would be the funniest to watch if the players would be drunk?

📌 Bring yourself closer

Making a person feel close to a brand or company comes from the experience of seeing what is behind it. After all, they are people of flesh and blood who do everyday things too. For example: Coffee or tea? Pizza or hamburger? Wine or beer? Cats or dogs? Coke or Pepsi? Nutella or Nocilla? Beach or mountain? Dress or pajamas? Red or nude lipstick?

📌 Let them think freely

Poll ideas are endless and so should be your followers’ opinions. Ask them about everything that you think they may have an opinion about, both related to your business and to life itself. For example: What do you think about our latest release? What do you think about the new data protection law? Do you think we should get new products every month?

📌Ask easy questions

If your goal is to improve interaction, get to know your followers better and encourage your Instagram followers to participate and engage, ask simple and easy questions on your Instagram story. For example: Favorite day of the week? Summer or winter? Cold or heat? White or black? Concert or karaoke? Vanilla or chocolate? Sneakers vs heels?

Sample Poll Questions for Instagram Stories

Learning how to ask the right questions can take time. If you are still struggling to come up with questions despite our previous suggestions, we hope you find inspiration through these photos:

Sample Polls for Instagram iamge
Polls Sample for Instagram image
Polls Sample for Instagram image

A Couple of Watch Outs for Instagram Polls

Although posting questions, polls and emoji sliders can be exciting, fun, and addicting but you need to keep in mind that overly-posting them on your Instagram story can bore your audience at some point in time. You also have a couple of characters to play with therefore use your words wisely and keep the questions straightforward and simple.

And if you have to make long-term or strategic decisions for your brand or company, do not solely rely on Instagram polls. Because they can only give you an insight into your Instagram followers while you have got to consider your broad range of audiences even outside Instagram. If you focus on your entire audience, you will be able to tailor your products or content according to them rather than focusing on Instagram users only.

My Final Thoughts

We hope that with all this information we have shared with you, you can now start posting questions and creating Instagram polls for your Instagram Stories. Don’t forget to integrate your content and format into your social media strategy. Always remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t despair if the results from your first attempt turn out to be less than ideal. Persevere and you will really achieve your goals!

And if your long term goal is to get Instagram famous by gaining more followers, then make sure that your final step after this article is to sign up with Simplygram’s free trial. Get 3,000 followers every month and get more input to go with your questions and Instagram polls on Instagram stories.

Good luck!

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