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When opening a new profile on social networks, it’s a very common priori that you usually don’t have a super-defined plan to follow, especially when it comes to knowing what to publish on Instagram and similar platforms. But worry not because the possible content ideas that we’ve found are very creative and visual.

Even before establishing a strategy for your business or brand, it’s possible that you might feel overwhelmed with so many new features and functionality that Instagram offers.

If that’s the case, don’t worry because in this post you’ll find practical tricks and ideas to publish content and stories in your account to keep it always active.

What To Post In Your Instagram Feed?

If you don’t know what you can post on Instagram to hook your audience with the best content, you probably don’t have a detailed outline of everything you’d like to share in your professional or brand profile.

In order to generate good content ideas for both the posts of your feed and for the stories, it’s interesting to follow this 3-step process:

  • Categorize your content | Start to define between 1 to 5 categories by their type of content or hobbies (example “tips”, “lifestyle”, “team” …).
  • Establish a frequency | If it is a question of having a logical feed, you’ll have to define the number of contents of each category to follow a publication pattern (for example 2 quotes, 3 video-tips and a personal story a week).
  • Organize your feed | With tools like Preview App to reorganize your profile, you can give visual balance to your posts and create a powerful Instagram puzzle feed.

Tip to organize your Instagram feed: Try to balance the visual composition of the posts in your feed. For example, you shouldn’t post photos with similar colors or backgrounds together. You can also set a sequence like “quote”, “video”, “photo”, etc …

Have you tried all the options to post in the Instagram feed? Don’t limit yourself by uploading a single static content, because before publishing it you’ll see 3 icons on the lower right corner with the following possibilities:

  • Boomerang
  • Merge photos
  • List in the form of a gallery

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Through these 3 options, we can try with many types of content that attract our audience. Let’s see some examples to know what to post on Instagram:


This is one of the favorite formats of the Instagram account @conviertemas because this type of content is very didactic as well as visual for different users.

It’s basically a matter of creating a series of square images, respecting the ideal 640x640px ratio for Instagram, which contains didactic information as a presentation. 

To share your newest content in the form of a presentation with different images, you only have to select the icon on the right at the time of publishing in your feed and go up one by one.


Using mythical phrases and quotes is a fairly common way of having the feed active when we don’t know what to post on Instagram. In fact, there are accounts like @escritos and many others, which base their strategy 100% on this type of content.


Something that we also love, and that we’ve already put into practice with many students of the school of Convierte + and triunfagramers, is to show their videos in which they tell their experience learning with our courses through Instagram.

This practice is not only beneficial in terms of business but gives visibility to other users. This is something that they love and it helps them boost their own brands.


In video format there is a lot of content that you can share with your community; from testimonies of clients and educational assemblies with music (that you can create with Lomotif) to personal experiences and fun moments with your team.

For example, you can capture any remarkable moment in your professional routine and give it a fun touch by accelerating the video with the Boomerang for Instagram application (available for both Android and  iOS), which you’ll have to install on your Smartphone before sharing this type of content in your Instagram feed

Tip to upload videos to Instagram: Remember that thanks to the use of external tools, we have the possibility to publish videos of more than 15 seconds in the feed and in the stories.


Humanizing our brand is one of the priorities we must have in order to reach our audience, and Instagram is the perfect medium to do so. Notice that in most influencers’ profiles you can know their most personal side.

While showing experiences and personal photographs publicly is not for everyone, you can always find other ways to tell the story of your business. For example, sharing news from your team or recommending products or services that were useful to carry out your own projects.


Even the most recognized brands and professionals in their sector are very clear that publishing corporate content on Instagram is not incompatible with combining hobbies and other interests related to a characteristic lifestyle.

For example, in the fashion sector, we find many influencers who combine their taste for clothes or makeup with gastronomy, travel, or pets.

What To Post On Instagram Stories To Highlight It?

Any of the tips and content ideas that we’ve seen so far can be extrapolated to Instagram stories.

However, its particular format, its constant updates, and the possibility of highlighting them within our profile can also lead us to doubt what to publish.

Just think that the algorithm of Instagram places the stories in very prominent places (up on the homepage for 24 hours and optionally in our profile), so they represent a very powerful resource in terms of visibility.

Therefore, here’s a visual example that can teach you how to publish content in Instagram Stories in an organized and remarkable way:

Content ideas to publish in instagram stories

Take note of these 3 main tips, because they are the key to follow a fluid strategy and always know what to post on Instagram Stories:

  • Categorization by themes | In the sample account, we see how to group the contents of the stories in different categories, thus helping the user to interpret the interests and approaches of both profiles.
  • Clear and concise title | Either through the representation with an icon, or the use of a term, you must edit your outstanding stories in a very visual and summarized way. Notice that there isn’t that much space for long titles.
  • Harmonic and coherent style | The covers of your stories must be a branding element that makes your brand recognizable. Using certain style rules will also help you to know what kind of content to share.

With this strategy and your new engaging followers from SimplyGram, you can finally get more visibility and interested users to view your profile or landing page. This article has provided you practical tips— tips that you should always have on hand— to know what to post on Instagram and to help develop your content strategy to flow over time.

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