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We all know that what you post on your Instagram feed can make or break your social media experience. But how do we choose? What should we post on our Instagram feeds to maximize likes, shares, comments, and followers?

Since Instagram is a visual platform, your business account needs to have a pleasing, consistent visual aesthetic. Choosing what to post on your feed is the hard part. You want your feed to look good, but in a way that makes it clear what your brand is about.

Using Instagram puzzle feed posts is a creative way to go about this. Instagram puzzles take multiple images and put them together in a way that makes it look like one larger image – like a puzzle! 

Instagram puzzle feed ideas are also hard to think of, though – you want to make the puzzle look cohesive and uniform. But with the IG grid layout to stick to, it can be tricky to do this properly. 

When your customers open your feed, they should feel like they’re seeing one image instead of multiple images put together.

How to Choose What to Post in Your Instagram Feed?

As an Instagram user, it is good for you to learn how to create an Instagram puzzle feed. And if you want to grow your brand on the platform, consider supplementing your efforts with a top Instagram growth service. Doing so will supercharge your growth on the social media network.

If you can’t think of any aesthetic Instagram post ideas on your own, you can buy ideas from other users and brands on the platform. Also, there are plenty of puzzle feed templates available for you to look through. Making these on your own is hard if you’re not an expert graphic designer, but that’s why they provide templates.

It is a good idea to look through the various templates available to see what fits your brand’s image the most. For the right impact, you also need the correct graphics. If you have your photos selected beforehand, you might want to make sure the graphics are consistent with your image selection.

When you’ve found the right grid template, just open it in any image editing software – usually, Photoshop and Canva work best – and edit it to fit your brand’s image. You can add your photos at this point. 

These templates will come with posts to fit the Instagram feed layout. It is a fun way to create interest in your brand and develop a visual that looks nice and creative at the same time. 

The one downside to these puzzle feeds is that if you make a new post afterward, the puzzle can get disrupted because it wouldn’t fit the IG layout anymore. So, if you don’t want older posts to look wonky, you can either delete the puzzle entirely or stick to posting three at a time. This way, your puzzle will move down instead of right with every new post.

Instagram feed puzzles can be a bit complicated to figure out, especially if you’re not very savvy with graphics software. Still, they’re a great way to make your feed look stunning!

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