What Is the Instagram 'Little Miss' Meme

Do you remember the Mr. Men series from the 1970s and the Little Miss books from the 80s? These children’s books were quite the rage back then. Each character was given one human trait that was included in its name, like Mr. Happy or Little Miss Fabulous. Their behavior in the books was written based on their traits. This hilarious, captivating book series was mostly forgotten in the 2000s until its re-emergence in the form of Little Miss Instagram memes late last year. So what are these memes, and why have they gone viral?

Little Miss Instagram Memes

The Little Miss posts and memes on Instagram are the user’s way to call out their insecurities and put them up for display in a humorous manner. Let us start with an example to understand this better. Assume that you like to lie about everything, so much so that your friends consider the opposite of what you say to be the truth. Then you can take any Mr. Men or Little Miss character and add the text “Little Miss Compulsive Liar” to it to create your very own Little Miss meme.

It doesn’t always have to be a negative trait. It could be something good about you, but because of the snobbish attitude of the cute characters, people consider it as a negative quality. For instance, Little Miss Organic Food Lover or Mr. Spick and Span. There are many other wacky Little Miss memes Instagram users often come up with. Little Miss Wants Her Ex Back, Mr. Homewrecker, Little Miss Thin Crust Pizza Lover, etc. Get your imaginative juices flowing to come up with something even wackier!

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The Origin and History Behind Little Miss Memes

If you already knew about Little Miss and Mr. Men before the meme generation made it popular, then you probably know that its original source was a series of children’s books first created in 1971 by British author Roger Hargreaves. Roger’s first character was Mr. Tickle, a mischievous but good-hearted, orange-skinned guy with snaky arms. As his name suggests, he likes to tickle people just for the heck of it. A fun fact: Mr. Tickle is the only character by Hargreaves whose story arcs don’t have lessons in morality.

Roger created 38 more Mr. Men characters before launching his female-specific series, Little Miss, with Little Miss Bossy in 1981. Needless to say, it was a big hit with the kids back in the day. The origin of the Little Miss memes on Instagram has an interesting story behind it. The now-famous Instagram user @juulpuppy was the first to post a Little Miss meme, giving a slight twist to the originals. They gave a hilarious take to their hidden insecurities with memes like Little Miss Neurodivergent Stripper and Little Miss Borderline Personality Disorder.

This was back in April 2022, and since then, the meme’s nostalgic images combined with its hilarity have resonated with several social media users.

Little Miss Gone Viral

It was soon after the first few Little Miss memes hit Instagram that many internet users began appreciating them. In a matter of weeks, the fans of the meme grew from a few hundred to several thousand. It quickly balled up into a viral trend on Instagram, with many users posting their own versions of Little Miss captions. And it didn’t take long for it to spill into other social media channels like TikTok. Today, the social media trend has evolved from stating people’s insecurities to citing their mental health problems and real-life struggles.

Characters Used in the Little Miss Memes

Initially, only Little Miss characters were used to create memes. People simply took a screenshot of the character and added their preferred unique text to it. The most popular Little Miss memes Instagram characters include Little Miss Baby, Little Miss Fabulous, Little Miss Calamity, Little Miss Helpful, etc. The names of the cartoon characters change with each user, of course.

Eventually, the characters from the original books of Mr. Men also started surfacing. It shows that we can safely assume that the meme went viral among the female half of the population, and the males caught up with the trend later. There is probably a lesson in there somewhere – men aren’t as comfortable sharing their problems and insecurities as women.

Irony and Humor in Little Miss Instagram Memes

As you might have guessed by now, the Little Miss memes are ironic content, primarily about laughing off your problems. The irony of laughing at something that probably makes you cry forms the essence of these memes. The adorable cartoon characters that make up the memes add uniqueness to the online humor environment.

Final Verdict

You cannot deny the positive impact on society that Little Miss memes have. Since problems and insecurities run rampant in the world, memes that help deal with those are here to stay. Thus, if you haven’t started using Little Miss memes on Instagram yet, it is high time that you did. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to use SimplyGram to increase your followers on Insta organically!

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