What Does L C R Mean on Instagram?

Imagine that you are at the hospital awaiting news on the condition of your loved one. The doctor approaches you and says, “Get your LCR going. The operation was a success!” That might get you confused. What is the L&C&R meaning in this context? Does it imply another operating procedure? Is it a serious medical condition? Don’t fret because LCR has nothing to do with the medical health of your loved one.

What Does LCR Mean?

LCR is simply an abbreviation for Likes, Comments, and Reach. Essentially, the L&C&R eligible meaning describes your social health. They are the metrics that determine your profile’s success on Instagram. They can often be interdependent, but it’s not a necessary condition. A post that has more likes will most probably get more comments and, in turn, will have greater reach. But there are many posts that have thousands of likes but zero comments and many others with thousands of comments but barely any likes!

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Understanding LCR in Depth

One single metric cannot determine any Instagram account’s success rate. Many factors contribute to its success, and LCR is the most important one. You may think that the number of followers would be a critical aspect, but that’s not always the case. Users can get a great number of follow-ups by following other random users in bulk. Followers can also be bought these days. However, such followers provide no value to your account. Unless they are organically generated, like SimplyGram’s strategy, they won’t engage with your posts. They may even unfollow you later. That is why a combination of metrics, like LCR, proves more beneficial to determine your Insta account’s success.


When you tap the heart icon in a post, it means you like the post. The more likes a post gets, the more successful it is on Instagram. You see, liking a post doesn’t require much effort from the user. They just need to tap the icon. Many users tend to just keep liking posts in their feeds without actually looking at any of those. That is why likes cannot be a standalone metric to determine your post’s success rate.


Any user-generated entry in the comment section of your IG post is called a comment. It can be feedback to your post, applause, a simple appreciative sentence, or a response for further engagement. When someone has commented on your post, it means that they have spent time crafting that comment. It shows that the user hasn’t just randomly liked your post.

However, not all comments are positive. The negative comments can actually harm the success of your post. For example, a post may have thousands of comments slamming the content but only a handful of likes. It definitely doesn’t mean that your post is successful. Thus, the number of comments alone isn’t a determining factor of your post’s success.

  1. Reach

This is an analytics metric on your business Instagram account. Most people only look at the impressions on their posts. But did you know that impressions also count multiple views from the same user? If you have 1,000 impressions, you never know if they are from different users or if all of them are from the same account.

The reach count, on the other hand, shows the number of unique views to your post. Multiple views by the same person will be counted as only one reach. That is what makes this R in L+C+R meaning on Instagram so much more useful than the other metrics. It is a true indicator of your post’s popularity on the platform. And it makes much more sense when combined with the other two metrics.

Instagram Success with LCR

Focusing on LCR is the best way to gain success on Instagram. Begin by growing the number of likes and comments on your post. You need to ensure that the likes are organic and the comments are positive. Focus on posting trending content. But if you are uploading a controversial post, make sure that it appeals to the majority of Insta users. Here are a few tips to create content that is well-liked and frequently commented on.

Well-Liked Content

Images posted should be clear and of high quality. Even the smallest details should be discernible. Videos and reels should be of medium quality (around 720p to 1080p) so that they play without lagging on most devices. Try to post unique and user-friendly content. Hop on to the existing trends, but add your own personality to those. Always add the relevant hashtags so that people browsing those tags can discover your posts. Consider collaborating with your other content creators in your niche (their likes will spill into yours and vice versa).

Frequently Commented Content

The best way to get organic, positive comments is to comment positively on others’ posts. You can either compliment the post, tell them why you liked it, describe how you can relate to it, ask something about it, or craft a golden comment including all these characteristics. More importantly, if someone has commented on your post, respond! If you don’t feel like saying anything, at least hit the like icon.

Other LCR and C&R Meanings

Are likes, comments, and reach not what you are looking for regarding LCR? There are a ton of other L&C&R eligible meanings on Instagram. Go through the list below to find what you’re looking for.

  • Left, Center, Right: LCR could refer to the popular Left, Center, Right dice game. It may also refer to the surround sound setup of speakers on the left, center, and right sides. 
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio: It’s a banking term that specifies the liquidity funds that banks are allowed to hold.
  • Catch and Release: If you are looking for C&R meaning instead of L&C&R, then it most definitely means catch and release, a popular fishing practice of catching a fish and releasing it back in the water before it dies.

Thus, though LCR may have many different meanings in the real world, on Instagram, it most certainly means likes, comments, and reach – a success-measuring strategy. And only C&R refers to the popular fishing hashtag, #catchandrelease.

Maddie Schultz
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