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Managing followers on Instagram can be a real headache especially if you are stuck with using your mobile phone all day. We are constantly in search of people to follow and are on the lookout for potential followers. We spend hours on end so we can interact with them, share posts and stories, etc.

Imagine having to follow and unfollow hundreds of users in a day. On top of that, you have to be vigilant about unfollowing people who have unfollowed you. Now imagine doing that on your phone. The real game changer is when you learn to work smart and do everything from your computer. Trust me, everyone wants to do it. And here, we will teach you how.

With that said, before teaching you how to unfollow on Instagram, you should take into account one of the most important limitations that the application has. What is it you ask? There is a maximum of 200 unfollows per account per hour.  And this is something you really have to be careful about. Instagram can block your account if you go against this limitation. So instead of blindly unfollowing accounts that have started to follow you back, you might have to check each account and look into their potential benefit to you. Maybe you can interact with this person in the future? Or maybe this person has a great quality of followers that you can tap into someday? Always think twice and don’t just follow/unfollow to gain more Instagram followers.

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You cannot make more than 200 unfollows per hour on Instagram, as this would block your account.

How Do I Unfollow On Instagram From Using A PC?

Here is the step by step guide of everything you need to do to unfollow users from your computer or laptop:

  1. Access the Instagram application from your computer.
  2. Log in with your account credentials (username and password).
  3. Click on the “Following” section. Then, click on the upper right hand corner and you will find a list of all your followers.
  4. Click on the “Following” button. Finally, the option to “Unfollow” appears.

⛔ Important Note: Do not use external tools to unfollow! Instagram blocks all accounts that use third-party applications to perform this function.

How Do I Check If Someone Has Stopped Following Me On Instagram?

To discover the people who have stopped following you on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Instagram app from your mobile phone.
  2. Log in with your account credentials (username and password).
  3. Select the “Followers” option. On the field with a magnifying glass, type the name of the person you are interested in checking on.
  4. If the person appears on that list,  then it means YES, they are following you. If their name does not appear, it is because they are NOT following you anymore.

In the past, there were a huge number of tools you could turn to to find out who followed you, or stopped following you, on Instagram. Some of these tools were quite nifty and practical because they allowed you to directly unfollow anyone who has stopped following you. However, these were considered unhealthy practices which his why Instagram updated their API to put an end to many of these tools.

There are still some in operation, but we recommend you to be as cautious as possible about their use. You can easily use these tools to see who has stopped following you on Instagram, but it may be better for you to unfollow them from the app itself. Little by little, not too many users at a time, to avoid getting your account blocked.

Some of the unfollow detection tools that are still running are:  Iconosquare, Reports+ , Fast-unfollow and Nomesigue.

Ultimately, who you want to keep in your Instagram community are people who are genuinely interested in your brand. We recommend that you also try out Simplygram, so you can grow your Instagram following fast by gaining Instagram followers.

Recommendations To Follow And Stop Following On Instagram

Now that you know how to unfollow on Instagram using your computer, and you are aware of other features found inside the app, we are going to give you some recommendations so you can optimize the app’s functionality and avoid being blocked due to misuse.

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★ To avoid seeing too many user posts at once, you can opt to “Mute” their posts instead. This way, they would not know that you have decided not to view their content and you can still check on their profile and feed when you want to. To put a user on “Mute”, you just have to access Instagram from your mobile, and open any of their posts. From the three dots on the corner of the post, you will readily see the option to mute.

Follow quality. Do not seek to continue following/unfollowing because of the mere fact of wanting to get a new follower. Your objective and strategy must be much more defined.

How Do I Define My FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW Strategy On Instagram?

👆 Ask yourself: What is my goal? (Example: Selling my sustainable fashion garments)

👆 Identify your followers: (Example: Fashion lovers committed to sustainable fashion, other brands in the sector, fashion magazines and blogs with that philosophy, potential clients …)

Identify who you are going to stop following. (Example: Anyone who does not demonstrate their ethics and commitment to sustainable fashion)

👆 Get in action! (Example: Look for 10 people every day to evaluate, check their timeline to eliminate those that you should stop following)

👆 Measure and optimize your strategy: (Example: Since I am growing 20% ​​with this strategy, I will start following 20 people every day and assess whether my level of growth increases or decreases).

Remember that the most important thing on Instagram is not the followers but the engagement that we achieve when our content speaks to them. In order to monitor everything well, you can explore the use of several Instagram report applications.

Another good trick to get quality Instagram followers is to converse with them. Do not limit yourself to following/unfollowing without purpose. If you want a specific account to follow you, it may be easier to get that person to follow you if you mention them or try to converse with them.

How To Achieve Quality Monitoring?

👆 Follow an account that interests you.

👆 Check their latest posts and “like” 2 or 3 that interest you.

👆 Comment or interact with them in one of the latest posts.

👆 Add your latest post in your Instagram stories.

👆 Mention them in a story.

We hope we have helped you better understand how to manage your Instagram profile and following through this article. You can definitely gain a huge number of Instagram followers by following these steps. But you can also fast track your account’s growth and get 3,000 Instagram followers every month by signing up for a free trial of our Instagram growth service today.

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