Edit Photos Like An Influencer With These 4 Kick-Ass Apps for Instagram post image

Yes, I know! Instagram already includes multiple, preloaded filters that you can use to edit your photos. They help create different textures, contrasts, levels of brightness, etc. If you are satisfied with the current features offered by Instagram, then that’s great!

But if you are looking for something more… something that allows you to play with images, build collages, highlight elements and ultimately enhance your creativity, we have four free apps to recommend. And don’t fret because all of these are available in Google Play and the App Store.

Shall we get started?

4 Applications To Edit Photos on Instagram

1. Color Pop

Splash photos are when you turn a photo into a black and white image, then leave a certain area or object to stand out by adding color to it. You can choose which elements of the image you want to colorize by tapping it with your finger. You can enlarge the photo to the specific area you are editing so you do not miss out on all the details. You can also fine tune the thickness of your brush for accuracy. The paid version will allow you to change the original color of the image. When you share it on Instagram, you can proceed to make additional tweaks if you want to.

example of color pop

2. Instagrids

To break down your image into fragments and publish it as a mosaic on Instagram, turn to Instagrids. With this app, you can choose what type of mosaic to create with your photo. You can also decide if you want to publish it completely or partially. When you deconstruct an image into square sections, Instagrids will tell you the correct order by which the images should be shared on Instagram, so that the composition appears correctly in your profile. To remove the watermark, you will have to buy the Pro version.


3. Lay Out

Use this app to create a collage combining several photos in one. This lends a different perspective to your images and increases the visual appeal of your photos. You can combine up to nine photos at a time, in varying formats: vertical, horizontal, square, etc. It all depends on the template you choose. You can also flip them to create a “mirror” effect. If you wish, you can include a frame between the images you are combining. This app is perfect for creating a mini album, step by step guide or a mini story in one single image.

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4. Quick

This app lets you add text to an image in the most intuitive of ways. You can increase or decrease the text to your liking and position it anywhere in the photo. The free version includes 16 fonts and will allow you to share your image directly via Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and email. To remove the watermark, you will have to use the paid version, or resort to manually editing the photo later on.

Bonus: Slow Shutter Cam

Long exposure images are when the headlights of cars leave a trail at night, or when a train starts and you capture the movement. You can achieve this though the use of the Slow Shutter Cam. When using the app, it is important to keep your phone firmly fixed while the exposure lasts. You can edit other details such as the brightness and contrast after you have captured the image. The app is not free, however. It is only available in the App Store and you can download it for €1.99.

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