How To Optimize Your Presence On Instagram post image

Instagram is becoming the preferred social media by many users, which means that brands should prioritize having a good presence that allows them to connect with these users. It is not enough to upload images or videos, they need to have a purpose and goals that are optimized, like the account itself. Through this post, I will share some recommendations that you can implement starting from today.

Ideas To Optimize Content

tiffanys christmas

Branded Images

Just look for images that best represent your brand. This is a strategic move since it requires little to no text and has the ability to move your users.

Celebrate Festivals

In a fun way, always take advantage of the festive seasons by celebrating with your brand PRESENCE. Here’s an example of taking advantage of the holidays done by Tifanny’s SUPPORT CAUSES 

Shared Phrases

From time to time, you should generate phrases that help you connect with your audience

Share Campaigns

Take advantage by sharing promo videos or images for your campaigns that are active


Take the opportunity to share content related to fashion or lifestyles


  • Use hashtags to organize and promote your content
  • Do not apply too many filters to your images as they will lose the essence
  • Add the link to your brand, it’s the only way for you to put a clickable link in your account
  • Create a good but concise description
  • Rely on external tools that allow you to further customize your images
  • Typic Pro (iPhone)
  • Framestatic (iPhone)
  • Repost the best content that your clients share
  • Add calls to action in your content
  • Take care of the details
  • Share varied content so you can connect with different audiences
  • Take advantage of Instagram content to share it on other social networks like Twitter
  • To know the best post schedule, try different time slots until you find the most effective moments
  • Always try to be fun and witty in the communication you make in this social network
  • Take advantage of the videos to connect better with your customers
  • Define the strategy that you will use with your followers. Most likely, you will follow only a few or maybe all of them
  • Create a content plan so you have a frequency of your content
  • NEVER share the same images you have on Facebook to Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have different kinds of crowds, just do it from time to time and maybe not even on the same day
  • Create contests, so far there are no limitations for this type of actions on Instagram
  • Measure the effectiveness of your account and your content with tools such as

One last thing, don’t forget to try Instagram growth service apps like SimplyGram, they offer optimal methods to gain organic and engaging followers and will definitely make you succeed on Instagram. I hope you like my recommendations and I wish the best for your superstar Instagram presence.

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