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After trying more than 100 Instagram tools in the past few years, I’ve decided to create this article listing down the best tools to help you manage your Instagram account. In today’s article, I’ll include some tools recommended by Triunfagramers and some apps that I’ve been using on my own. Rest assured that all these tools work very well.

⏰ Tools to program content on Instagram

The Instagram API has merely limited functionalities, the content programming will depend on the agreement be0tween Instagram and the app’s programmer.

To program your content, I recommend these tools:

  • Onlypult – allows you to program content in multiple accounts. Try it for free for 7 days.
  • Conjuregram – besides allowing you to program content, it lets you do other interesting actions.
  • Hootsuite  –  is a very complete tool that lets you program on Instagram.
  • Grum  – this app is VERY cheap, not to mention efficient in publishing your posts from the computer.

✔ Tools to optimize your profile

A VERY useful tool for sharing links on Instagram is IGLINK. You’re probably tired of posting on Instagram saying “go to my profile and click on the link” and then having to change the final destination link each time. It is a tedious and boring task.

With IGLINK, you don’t have to change the link located in your profile anymore. The steps are very simple and here’s a quick explanation of how to them one by one:

  • Go to and create your own personalized link. You’ll only have to put your Instagram user.
  • Paste the link generated by IGLINK in your bio.
  • Upload a post (photo or video) and include a link. 
  • Return to your profile and click on the link generated by IGLINK. 
  • This will then open a link with several posts, click on the post and you will be redirected to the link that you placed in your publication.

As you can see, this tool is very practical and here’s why:

  • You don’t have to constantly change the profile link
  • Do the same if you wish to create a product catalog
  • By having this tool, you will increase traffic to your website or blog and get more conversions (leads or sales).

🔎 Analysis and monitoring tools

Analytics tools for Instagram

Remember that you can also access the analytics of your account for free once you’ve activated the company profile classification on Instagram.

  • Pirendo  – gives you full Instagram reports.
  • Metricool  – allows you to have reports of your Instagram account.
  • Iconosquare – this was one of the first tools with functionality for Instagram. You can try your analytics plan for free.

Monitor your competition or hashtags

  • Hashtracking allows you to analyze the effectiveness of a hashtag on Instagram.
  • Keyhole – also allows you to analyze a hashtag on Instagram.
  • With Followercheck, you can analyze the number of false followers that an Instagram account has.

✏ Photo design and editing tools

  • Aviary iPhone – Android  – with this Adobe tool, you can edit your images.
  • EasyEraser (iPhone)  – allows you to delete items from photos.
  • Studio Design iPhone – Android – for me, this is the best design tool to create attractive posts. It has thousands of templates that will help you create the best content for Instagram.
  • Frametastic (iPhone) – allows you to make compositions with several images.

❇ Various management tools on Instagram

Tools to download stories, photos, and videos

 IMPORTANT: Be ethical and only download your content.

  • StoriesIG – to download stories on your computer. Thanks, Alejandro for the recommendation.
  • DownloadGram – to download photos and videos from your computer.

Instagram tools

IFTTT will allow you to schedule actions with your Instagram account. For example: share your Instagram photos as native photos on Twitter.

Zapier, like IFTTT, will allow you to automate processes.

SnapWidget will allow you to share Instagram content on your website or blog.

💰 Instagram advertising tools

  • Power Editor is the professional platform of Facebook & Instagram to manage advertising campaigns.
  • Text Overlay will help you check if your image for ads has more than 20% text. Remember that if you have a lot of text, Facebook will limit your reach.

💸 Tools to sell on Instagram

As we can’t add clickable links in our posts, we lose impact and potential clients. With the following tools that I’ll share, you can improve your sales process to increase your conversions.

  • Soldsie allows you to sell your products on Instagram. 

With these tools, you can now manage your Instagram account. If you want to increase your organic follower community and digital conversions, you can try SimplyGram’s free trial. It is the best Instagram growth service in 2019 and through their optimal and organic methods, you can achieve your dream of Instagram fame and visibility with SimplyGram!

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