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Updated: 07/06/2021

Life is growing fast in this 21st century, and competition is very high in every field. People don’t have enough time for extra activities anymore, and they want to deal with their work instantly. Whether you’re a business person, an artist, or a common man, social media platforms play a significant role.

So, suppose you’re a business person and want to market your product internationally. In that case, you can’t be a successful business person without using social media marketing. A majority of marketers are now becoming a part of the Instagram community to quickly market their product/ brand. 

Instagram has evolved into one of the world’s leading social media platforms ever since its debut in 2010. It has grown from a social media website used exclusively to post pictures and videos and keep up to date with your friends and families to a communication tool that allows users to market their image, products/services, and ideas to millions of users around the globe.  

As a result of this popularity, it would be a smart move to grow your Instagram followers for your business, blog, or simply to have people to interact with. But what many people don’t know is that there are many obstacles ahead of them, and they should have used a better Instagram growth strategy.

Now that you know you require more Instagram followers so that your product becomes visible, the next question is, how do you go about it? What is the best way to increase your Instagram followers? Is it a good idea to buy Instagram followers? What are the best sites to buy Instagram followers? How can SimplyGram help grow your Instagram page? What is the best site to buy Instagram organic followers? How many followers can I get and for how much? We know you have endless questions on your mind.

One thing is for sure: the idea of buying Instagram followers is dangerous for your account and there are no trusted or best sites to buy Instagram followers (read real IG followers).

The most suitable and safest way to acquire more followers is to get Insta followers from SimplyGram. These followers will surely assist you in increasing your social media presence. Unlike other services that promote the buy Instagram follower trend, we focus on organic Instagram growth.

By using an Instagram growth service like SimplyGram, you get high-quality, organic followers. But what are high quality Instagram followers and is there a site to buy Instagram real followers? Let’s have a look.

What are High Quality Instagram Followers

High quality followers are ones who are real and actively interact with your work. These are not the accounts that you get to follow when you buy followers. Instead, these users follow your Instagram account for genuine reasons and engage with your Instagram posts. They provide your Instagram page with the social proof and engagement required to get more authentic IG followers.

While it is getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between fake and genuine IG followers, here’re a few things you can do to determine if you guys have best quality Instagram followers or fake followers.

Check Their Numbers

Spam Instagram followers are pretty easy to identify. They often have no significant following, no posts, and follow thousands of accounts. Use tools like Instagram engagement calculator to gauge the engagement rate of an account. Get rid of your Instagram followers that have zero or little engagement with your content.

Snoop for Spam

Some spammy IG followers are untraceable with conventional tools. For them, you must go the extra mile because their motives are different. While most bot followers and accounts are created to simply boost Insta followers, others are designed to spam your posts. They intend to sign you up for illegitimate giveaways and deals so that they may take advantage of your information. Use your best judgment to assess their presence. 

Look for Engagement

When you buy followers, it means you get bots to follow your account. One way to determine if a bot is following your Instagram account is to check if they have posted anything and look for engagement on their posts.

Make sure to look for any interaction between them and other users. Bots don’t interact like real human beings, which explains why you can only boost your engagement when you have genuine and high quality followers. Moreover, check if the account in question has been tagged in anything legitimate. 

Use Bot Removers

Instagram does a pretty good job of cleaning up bots. But for the sake of further precautions, it makes sense to use different services to get rid of the bots. Instagram is the backbone for many businesses, and a good reputation contributes to good sales. Do not let spam or bot accounts ruin your personal brand. And don’t buy followers because they can tarnish your reputation and brand image.

Why are High Quality Followers Important? 

Buying followers is never the solution to boost Instagram growth because those are not premium followers. Shortcuts never work, so just refrain from doing any effort to buy followers. And, instead of searching for the best site to buy Instagram followers, use the right and legitimate Instagram growth strategies.

Focus on adopting a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy that cultivates a genuine and thriving community of premium followers, which interacts with your posts in meaningful ways. Also, establish trust between you and your IG followers and increasing your social media engagement rate.

The algorithm for Instagram is designed to evaluate various essential signals to assess user activity, validity, and engagement. The algorithm frequently identifies fake accounts and fake followers, leading to users losing many bought Instagram followers almost overnight.

Unlike followers, however, you cannot buy engagement on your posts. Engagement is only earned. The more you converse with your target audience through comments, likes, reactions, and replies, the more you will grow an authentic follower base.

The quality and frequency of your interactions outside of your account also play a role here. It is essential that you develop a cohesive theme, create posts that instigate conversation, and adhere to tactics that can open up opportunities for long-term success and get you more premium followers.

Unlike buying Instagram followers, posting high-quality and well-curated content always helps build a natural connection between you and other people on the platform.

Learn how to keep your work relevant and relatable because that is the key to increased interaction. Integrate your social media work in your marketing strategy to boost conversion and increase traction. 

Just like any other field of work, social media content engagement requires effort to reach heights. While it is a time-taking endeavor, it is worth your time and effort. Put in the work and reap its benefits in the form of more followers. 

Is it Possible to Buy Real Instagram Followers?

It is tempting to take shortcuts to expand your audience. And in this perspective, buying followers is not unheard of. There are an array of services that sell a few thousand followers for varying prices.

Many of such services promote themselves by using attractive terms like “buy real Instagram followers” and “instant delivery.” And most of those Instagram followers are actually inactive accounts or bots, meaning they will not increase any engagement on your posts. 

As such, buying Instagram followers is a wasted investment. Here’re more reasons why it is never a good idea to buy Instagram followers or fall for the instant delivery trick.

1. Fake Follower Vendors

Buying fake Instagram followers is not as easy now as Instagram actively tracks down accounts that violate the platform’s terms of service. Now, you must know someone who can connect you to a vendor. This vendor will then refer you to certain services or so-called best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Most vendors add Instagram followers to your accounts over time to make them appear less suspicious. These new followers do not add anything to your metrics. You are essentially only paying for an increase in numbers and nothing more. 

2. Instagram Bots

Instagram bots are everywhere. Sometimes they even mimic the identity of real persons by using stolen pictures and names. These dummy accounts run on automation to share and like the content on the platform and may even seem organic sometimes. Some bots are programmed to create content as well. 

These fake accounts do not have a good and organic following-to-follower ratio, which results in little to no impact on content engagement. Without real Instagram followers, your posts will not garner any attention, and your account won’t grow.

3. Inactive Accounts

All fake accounts are not necessarily bots. Some vendors actually sell genuine accounts as Instagram followers. However, in this case, the catch is that these real accounts are created for either being managed by users who only want followers in return or simply offer this service for money. 

These accounts may help boost engagement initially, but over time, they ruin your Instagram account’s performance metrics as they go dormant. If the sole purpose behind the account was to fulfill sponsorship requests, it makes little sense to waste any time on the platform. With reduced interaction, you will have the increased Instagram followers but minimal value to your content. 

Aside from growing your followers, you can also pay for services to follow other accounts on your behalf. This is a strategic and targeted task tailored according to your preferences, such as your Instagram account type, hashtag use, location, and more. You can bag real and quality followers with this option. 

However, engagement is still relatively unlikely because there is no guarantee that these accounts will follow you back. In short, it is a risky investment as most accounts will not follow you back, and even if they do, it will not be comparable to long-term, active, and loyal followers. 

So, should you buy Instagram followers? And are those real followers?

The answer is no. You should never buy Instagram followers. Why shouldn’t I get cheap Instagram followers, you may ask. Well, there is no long-term value to this move, so it is best to save yourself the hassle and the money altogether. Also, it may appear cheap initially, such services can cost you more money in the long-run.

Remember that engagement is the key behind Instagram’s algorithm, and if there is no engagement, what is even the point of it all? With no likes, comments, or shares, your posts will not make an appearance on anyone’s newsfeeds or their Explore page. 

You could hurt your credibility by buying fake Instagram followers because getting caught with fake followers never portrays a good profile. Authenticity is what sells on Instagram. Purchased Instagram followers can distort your metrics because they add no value to your work. 

Moreover, Instagram recognizes fake followers and removes inauthentic accounts from its platform. Buying followers is a direct violation of the platform’s community guidelines that may land you in trouble. 

Therefore, instead of focusing on boosting numbers, strengthen your engagement by building an authentic following that can serve as a solid social proof. Get real accounts to follow you and create a thriving community without using any bribes or buying Instagram followers. It takes time, but the results are worth the effort. No matter what, do not fall for the buy real Instagram followers scam because it will damage your brand image instead of creating brand awareness.

Is There any Alternative to Buying Instagram Followers?

You can boost engagement on your posts in more than one way and grow your account with real Instagram followers. Authentic followers interact with your Instagram account and content, which helps promote your work and get you more real followers.

Here are some to help you get started.

1. Make Your Instagram Account Public

Public accounts attract more viewers. And if you have a business account, it is set to public by default. And if you have a private account, making it public will allow more users to see your content and your Instagram profile. Greater exposure will enable you to grow your audience organically when your content shows up on any user’s Explore page.

2. Publish Quality Content

Give Instagram users a reason to follow you by putting out content that focuses on quality and variation. Experiment with different post formats like images, videos, GIFs, Boomerangs, story polls, how-tos, quizzes, user-generated content, and more—upload high-quality photos with catchy captions that are also relatable. 

Moreover, it is vital to be consistent with your posts because that is the key to maintaining a good Instagram account overall and stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Be sure to research trending and useful hashtags that align with your brand or business account so that you can create buzz around your work. Using the right hashtags can make a world of difference to your content’s visibility and reach. 

Good quality content and consistent posting can spur engagement. Your Instagram followers will interact with your posts, and you can use their feedback to make alterations and improvements in your work. Remember that the greater your engagement, the better your traction and the higher your chance of getting quality followers. 

3. Use Instagram Features to Their Maximum Capability

There are many ways in which you can connect with users. Utilize all the different features on Instagram, such as Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and more. With the help of these features, you can boost engagement and increase your Instagram profile traffic in an organic and authentic way. And as the traffic to your Instagram profile increases, so will your Instagram followers.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are comparable to goldmines if you are looking to build an audience. Users often follow hashtags for updates regarding topics of their interest. Using them intentionally in your captions can increase your chance of showing up on different people’s newsfeeds and Explore pages. 

However, you must be careful with your use of hashtags. Do not just add whatever hashtag you wish to add to your caption. Create a hashtag strategy to target the right people. The maximum number of hashtags that you can use is 30. Make sure to always use relevant hashtags without going overboard with the strategy. 

5. Interact With Other People

Engaging with other users by liking, commenting on, saving, or sharing their posts is an excellent way to boost interaction, both for you and them. Instagram’s algorithm caters to engagement, which means the more you interact with others and vice versa, the more likely it is for your content to appear in others’ news feeds and translate to an increase in your Instagram followers count.

Increase visibility and grow your Instagram page by simply helping another user out. But be sure not to spam other people on Instagram. Also, think about promoting your IG content on other social media platforms.

6. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories changed the game for this platform because they boost growth even more than traditional feeds as stories are more interactive and intimate. You can share stories with others, making it even more engaging and fun. Doing so will go a long way toward boosting your Instagram followers and build a solid brand.

7. Pay for Ads or Sponsored Posts on Instagram 

If you are not totally convinced about other growth methods, you could go back to the basics and just use the advertising option on Instagram to help you grow your Instagram followers. This will help your content reach a variety of people. Make sure to choose your metrics carefully, as you wouldn’t want to target the wrong audience. 

But remember that Instagram ads are a more costly and less penetrative method than using an organic growth service like SimplyGram, so use this method at your own peril. There’s no guarantee this method will help you get a considerable number of new Instagram followers.

8. Conduct Giveaways/Contests/Challenges

Giveaways and contests are powerful ways to promote your Instagram account. If you offer to give away a free product/service/shoutout to one of your Instagram followers if they tag and mention their friends in the comments of your posts, it could lead to you gaining more followers.

While this strategy increases your Instagram account and content’s visibility, there’s no surety that the tagged persons will follow your profile. It is also a slow method that cannot be used too often as you may run out of stuff to give away if you host these giveaways so frequently.

9. Seek Help of an Influencer 

Influencers dominate the Instagram game nowadays. When they speak, millions listen enthusiastically. As such, it would not be a wrong move to have a paid partnership with someone having a large follower base to promote your content. By doing so, you will increase your chance of getting more Instagram followers. 

However, those Instagram followers may not be tempted by a paid sponsorship post if they are led to believe they are being forced into following a specific account that they would otherwise not follow. This, coupled with the high costs of the more prominent influencers, may become a stumbling block.  

Should You Buy Instagram Followers or Use Organic Growth Methods 

There are multiple ways to gain more Instagram followers. Still, the best solution is to grow your fan base organically as opposed to buying Instagram followers or using any instant delivery service. This is because you should have followers who genuinely are interested in your content, as these are the followers who will engage the most with your account.  

You may want to buy Instagram followers because they appear to be cheaper. But remember that buying Instagram followers is neither legitimate nor effective. Should you choose to simply buy Instagram followers, then that will increase your follower count for sure, but it will also lead to dormant or inactive followers who aren’t interested in your content and add no real value to your account other than having followed you. And over time, you will start losing followers.

When you buy Instagram followers, you also run the risk of getting your account banned or suspended as it violate Instagram’s terms and conditions. Instagram may believe that since your followers are bots, your account is also a bot and ban you directly or shadowban you, which means your content will not be seen.     

How Does Organic Growth Work?

While it is beneficial to have an interesting profile and content, this is a slow process for organic growth as your follower count is unlikely to increase if you do not have a way to reach more people interested in your posts. This holds true particularly for newbie Instagrammers and aspiring influencers. For this reason, it is always a good idea to seek help from an organic Instagram promotion service like SimplyGram to speed up the follower growth process. 

We are not talking about buying cheap Instagram followers here. What the organic growth services do is that they automate specific actions on Instagram, such as automatically sending messages to users who like your post. And they interact with users who might be interested in your content to lead them towards something they would appreciate viewing. As such, you can expect to get real and active followers with organic growth services.

Automated engagements are helpful in the sense that they will send messages to Instagram users who will click on your username and, in turn, follow you. Most organic growth strategies will take time to build up your follower base. Still, when they do, they will give you organic followers who are likely to stick around for the long run. These services usually provide you with account managers who help facilitate your account growth and, using your input, work towards building the account you want.  

What is SimplyGram?

SimplyGram is a leading Instagram organic followers growth service that allows you to gain followers and engagements on your accounts with their highly effective Mother/Child growth method. We do not sell fake accounts or followers or ask you to buy Instagram followers.

Instead, SimplyGram is the best Instagram promotion service as it increases your followers by a significant amount and ensures that all followers are genuine and will lead to a boost in engagement for your account. 

What is the Mother/Child Method?

This method is not the same as buying Instagram followers. Instead, it involves promoting an Instagram account (which is the mother account) through several other Instagram accounts (known as the child accounts). The child accounts interact and help attract targeted users to the mother account efficiently and effectively. 

This method may seem unorthodox, but it is actually very safe as it is compliant with Instagram’s terms and conditions because it does not involve bots or any form of Instagram algorithm manipulation. The best part is that the Mother/Child Instagram growth strategy attracts real active Instagram followers to your account and content. As such, you must use this organic growth service instead of deciding to buy Instagram followers.

How SimplyGram Functions

SimplyGram is an easy-to-use service that provides you with a seamless experience of growing your fanbase on Instagram, thanks to its Mother/Child organic growth method. The MOther/Child strategy does not work on the instant delivery model. Here’s how SimplyGram functions: you sign up for the service, choose your package, and then select the accounts and hashtags relevant to the type of audience you wish to attract.

SimplyGram will then assign you an account manager who will research your target audience, their interests, and more demographics. But how many Instagram followers can you get with SimplyGram? Well, it depends on the type of package you choose.

Unlike the buy Instagram followers (instant delivery) services, the Mother/Child method then comes into play as 25-100 Instagram accounts (child accounts) are set up, depending on the package you choose. These child accounts are used to share the content from the mother account, besides sending Direct Messages (DMs) to hundreds of Instagram accounts daily with a customized message telling users to check out your account. 

This strategy allows your content and message to spread organically to thousands of Instagram users regularly. SimplyGram features state-of-the-art AI technology programmed to identify the Instagram users most likely to engage with your content.

Our service targets only these specific groups of people to spur engagement and grow your account with real and active followers. SimplyGram’s algorithm also interacts with those users who like, comment, or share your competitors’ Instagram posts or similar profiles. 

The Mother/Child growth tool is a tried and tested method. It has already helped around 7500 brands and Instagram influencers to gain tens of thousands of Instagram followers. After six months of using SimplyGram, you can expect your account to have gained upwards of 30,000 to 60,000 followers.

The best thing about SimplyGram is that you’re not required to give your login information to use the service. Simply give us your Instagram handle/URL, and rest assured that your account will gradually be populated with real and best-quality Instagram followers.

Some other handy features of SimplyGram are: 

  • The SimplyGram website is fully encrypted, which means your data will remain safe and secure. 
  • It features a 24/7 support team, which you can contact should you encounter any difficulties or have any concerns or queries regarding the service.
  • SimplyGram offers the most competitive rates, with a three-day free trial and the best packages that will make your purchase more than worthwhile. 
  • The setup process is easy and seamless. All you have to do is sign up using your Instagram handle and let the SimplyGram team worry about the rest so you can focus on creating better content for your followers.  

The Benefits of Using Organic Instagram Promotion Service

There are several reasons why you ought to consider growing your Instagram account with an organic growth service instead of opting to buy Instagram followers. Here are a few advantages you can look forward to if you opt for Instagram promotion services from SimplyGram.

1. Getting More Brand Awareness

For those looking to have more people viewing their brand, the easiest way you could achieve this is by getting many followers. Luckily, the simplest method to acquire more new followers for your particular brand with just a push of a button is to let SimplyGram grow your account. SimplyGram helps in putting a face on your brand.

Having new followers implies that more people are gaining interest in what your specific brand has to say. What’s more, when you have a large follower count, you will surely gain credibility with other people and other related brands in your niche. At SimplyGram, you can find reasonable prices to boost your follower count instantly.

2. Saving Money and Time

When you buy Instagram followers, it costs you a lot of money over time. But with an Instagram growth service, you save money and time over the long run. Also, remember that it takes quite a long time to build up a large number of Instagram followers if you decide to go solo.

The best thing you could do if you want to save your effort and time is to let the experts at SimpyGram take care of your account’s growth. It will help you grow your audience quickly and pay more attention to other crucial aspects of your business.

3. Beating Larger Brands

The more prominent brands in a particular niche may have a better advantage due to their huge follower count. It can be a daunting task to get ahead of them. But with the help of SimplyGram’s Instagram follower service, you can quickly and easily exceed the branding efforts of your different competitors.

SimplyGram prides itself in providing its authentic follower’s service at considerable prices that should be worth your investment. You can’t get ahead of these brands if you buy Instagram followers. Your account needs organic growth and engagement to get ahead.

4. Become an Influencer

Each niche has its influencers, those who are the most famous due to their knowledge and exposure. Therefore, when you get active Instagram followers for your specific account, most people will end up looking up to your brand. As a result, it will translate to more new followers and more business added to your account regularly.

5. Building Trust

Building trust is one of the most crucial aspects that brands are chasing with their target demographic. Even though trust is indispensable and can’t be bought, many people tend to associate trust with those brands with a considerable number of followers. Even in the most competitive markets, trust is something that can assist you in gaining much ground.

Get Active and Real Instagram Followers With SimplyGram

SimplyGram provides stable and active Instagram followers that allow your brand to have the traction it requires to grow online. With their assistance, you can obtain your Insta fame quicker than ever. Their active Instagram follower’s strategy is uniquely designed to provide you with sustainable success and not just a quick fix!

Why Is SimplyGram the Best Place to Get Active Instagram Followers?

Everyone is ensuring their social media presence is felt by using Instagram, from local to major brands, artists, family-run small shops, and businesses worldwide. It is a fundamental part of a winning social media marketing strategy.

Do you have an existing Instagram account or a brand-new account that you require to promote? If your answer is yes, then you should consider using SimplyGram to get followers on Instagram. After all, regardless of how great and exciting your content is, many people always prefer to engage with brands that have a large number of followers. They will indeed be tempted to find out what they are providing.

How Much Would it Costs to Use SimplyGram Instagram Growth Service

With SimplyGram, the Influencer package, at only $100 per week, is the popular one. It is specially designed for upcoming businesses and influencers to improve on growth significantly and have serious results. SimplyGram provides you with followers that interact with your content, which translates to real Instagram growth.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Deliver?

SimplyGram has refined its payment and delivery process and, therefore, prides itself on providing its clients with the quickest and best followers. As mentioned above, the company doesn’t force you to fill unnecessary forms. They have made it much easier for their clients to get Instagram followers in just a few steps.

All you have to do is select the package and the payment method you like, and they will start growing your follower base within a few hours of processing the order.

How Does it Affect Your Instagram Account?

Are you worried that getting Instagram followers would bring harm to your specific account? Worry not because with us, you don’t buy Instagram followers. Instead, we partner together to grow your account and establish your brand on Instagram.

There is no need to worry since SimplyGram’s entire process is totally safe. Most celebrities and popular brands have already made use of this simple tactic to build their credibility and enhance their brand’s fan following.

SimplyGram uses the safest procedures for delivering followers. Therefore, you can shake that burden off your shoulders. What’s more, the delivery methods we employ don’t go against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

What Are You Waiting For?

There are a host of ways to increase your Instagram follower base. But it is essential to understand that growing your account organically is the way to go. Do not buy Instagram followers as it may lead to bans and inactive followers, which won’t add value to your account.

On the other hand, an organic Instagram growth tool, such as SimplyGram, will allow you to supercharge your account with genuine and high quality followers who will engage and interact with your content and result in a continuous follower increase.  

SimplyGram makes it easy! When you enroll in our services, you can get precisely similar results like other Instagram stars. We do not promise instant delivery, but we assure you that this won’t take you months or even years to achieve; it will only take you a few days or weeks, and NO, we don’t require your account password ever!

SimplyGram focuses on saving you the effort and the time that you could be using more productively elsewhere. For overall brand recognition, it does pay to have lots of followers on IG. Get followers from SimplyGram to boost your particular Instagram page, and you’ll be smiling on the way to the bank. Plus, we also have a free trial offer here!

So what are you waiting for? Forget about the sites to buy Instagram followers and instead get organic followers with our safe and legitimate Instagram promotion service.

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