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Linking your Facebook page is quite simpler than what you may think. You can definitely do it in a few minutes. As you can see, I also share the link between Instagram and Facebook to publish content in profiles and pages (photos and videos).

Link Your Instagram Profile With Your Facebook Page For Ads

  • Enter your fan page
  • Go to configuration
  • Select Instagram Ads and link your Instagram account
connect your instagram page on facebook
  • When your account is synchronized, it should look like this:
Link Your Instagram Profile With Your Facebook Page

Link Your Instagram Profile With Your Fan Page Or Profile On Facebook To Post Content

If you simply just want your Instagram posts to be published on a certain Facebook page or profile, do the following:

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Go to your profile and then go to your settings
  • Select the “Account” option and then click on “Linked accounts”
  • Once you’re in “Linked accounts”, click the Facebook icon
  • To choose where you will share your content (if it is your personal profile or one of the pages you manage) go to the option “Share in” and choose what you want.

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