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If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you sorely need new customers and you also need to increase your sales or am I wrong? One of the biggest challenges is to reach our target audience with the least investment and of course highest revenues. Today, I want to share through this post, firstly, two strategies and some tips to attract new customers and, secondly, the program that Billie and I have created to help you boost your results.

A Technique To Attract New Customers In Social Networks

A Lead Magnet For Each Product/Service

As I always say, the best strategy in the short, medium and long term is to create content that provides value to your potential customers. We connect with our potential customers through Facebook or Instagram live videos to share a preview of the program. Here, you can observe that instead of giving the most basic concepts, you can give something so much more. We should leave the audience happy. When you bring value, the sale is the consequence of that work.

Tips To Boost Your Lead Magnet

  • Invest in advertising to attract new customers and to reach your community that usually doesn’t open your emails or read your posts on social networks.
  • Turn the questions of your potential customers into actions. With our program, they asked us for different combinations of products and that is why we launched the combined packs page. If several ask you for the same, take action and convert more.
  • If you send a campaign with a close tone, stay on your computer to respond to any email. We can’t claim to be humans and then be robots that do not respond.
  • Professionals working in Marketing departments – A practical guide with a recent theme that I master.
  • Consultants – a program to help them close more clients or make better proposals.

Types Of Lead Magnets According To Impact

  1. Mini-course –  create a summary of a full payment course to offer it to interested parties. But focus on being practical so this means thoroughly delving into the lessons you offer. A Mini-Course does NOT have to be the first module of a course of payment. Give it a try if you want to get sales later.
  2. Webinar – A webinar is a high-value content that you contribute to a community. Leave a good impression so people can leave good comments.
  3. Template – this format is always very practical and people like to create their own templates.

How to Increase your Sales on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn 

Remarketing on Instagram and Facebook

Remarketing consists of showing advertising ads to users who have visited a certain web page. Here is a good example:

  • You visit the promotion page of the program that Billie and I have created.
  • We, through Facebook and Instagram, show you ads with a good copy and, above all, a clear method to a close sale. For example, if I know you saw the webinar, I’ll ask you if you liked it. If I know you clicked on the page for more information, I’ll ask you if you are still interested in the pack, etc.
  • Finally, a certain percentage of potential customers will end up making the purchase to see your ad.

This type of strategy works on automatic pilot, you define a daily budget and this campaign will work alone and will generate recurring revenue for the duration of your campaign. Remarketing is easily configured if you install a “Facebook Pixel”. A code that you install on your strategic pages so that later on Facebook and Instagram Ads you can use that audience (visits on the page) for ads. 

Remarketing Tips

  • Use the same keywords from your landing page (sales page) in your ads
  • Add emojis and symbols to highlight the most important in your ads
  • Use similar images to make the user feel familiar
  • Use a direct copy, for example: Are you still interested? + product photo

2 Remarketing Formulas for Facebook and Instagram

Do not remarket only for direct traffic (users who have visited the page), also take advantage of remarketing people who have made certain actions on your page. I’ll share some simple formulas.

Include: Users who have clicked on the payment button | Exclude: users who have purchased

Include: Users who have downloaded or viewed the free resource of your sales campaign | Exclude: users who have purchased

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