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Knowing analytics is as important as planning an effective content strategy. After investing a lot in designing a plan and executing it during a certain period, it’s now time to know if we are on the right path or if, on the contrary, we need to modify some parts of it.

Instagram analytics make it easy for us by offering lot of information about our actions in this social network. In addition, there are other tools that can complete even the most basic kinds of reports, allowing us to create real audits of our company accounts.

What do Instagram analytics include?

The data that the social network shows us, as long as we have a company profile or brand, are very valuable. We can obtain very easily detailed information about:

  • Impressions:  The number of times each post or story is displayed on a user’s screen (from the main page, profile, hashtags or others as private messages).
  • Follow-ups: The number of users that were added as followers after viewing the post.
  • Scope: The number of unique users that view your content (as well as the percentage reached that are not followers).
  • Likes: How many likes were gained by a certain post or history.
  • Comments: How many comments have been made in a particular post or story.
  • Clicks on the links: If it’s the kind of content with a link, it will show the number of times you clicked on it.
  • Saved posts: The number of unique users who have decided to save your content (these are added to the impressions on Instagram in the “Other” category when the content is viewed again).
  • Visits to the profile: The number of times that users have clicked on the name of your brand or company, in order to access the profile.

All this in relation to the organic content as well as the paid content. It is also possible to get the following information about the users that interact with our posts:

  • Their location
  • Their sex
  • Their age.

Keep in mind that: If your brand or business does not yet have a company profile on Instagram, it’s time to take the leap. Otherwise, you will not have access to all the valuable information that Instagram puts at your disposal and, most importantly, you will not be able to take the most accurate decisions for your business at any time.

How to see analytics or statistics on Instagram

If you already have a company profile, you will automatically have access to Instagram analytics, which you can consult at any time to start drawing conclusions about the effectiveness of your content. 

Furthermore, if you’re considering growing your account’s effectiveness and reaching 30, 000 followers, you can simply sign up for a SimplyGram free trial to our Instagram growth service.

In accessing your profile’s analytics, you can obtain specific information about:

Business profile analytics

To know general information about the profile and the interaction that users have with it:

  1. Go to your brand or company profile.
  2. Click the icon on the upper right corner to see Instagram statistics.
  3. Check the information of those publications, promotions or stories that interest you most.

Analytics of a post

If you want to know in detail the success of a certain post:

  1. Click on the image of the post you want to analyze.
  2. Choose if you want to see the results of the organic activity of the post or if what you are interested in is the promoted version.
  3. Select ‘View statistics’ from Instagram within the section that interests you most.

Analytics of a story

If 14 days have yet to pass since the publication of your story, then you can first try consulting the analytics from your profile in the menu on the top right corner with the option ‘Statistics’, and within it in ‘Contents’.

Also, within the first 24 hours of publishing your story, you can continue to access the analytics by:

  1. Selecting your active story in the top section of the Instagram homepage.
  2. Swiping the image or video up.
  3. Clicking on the statistics icon and access all your information.

After 24 hours, you will receive a notification with the summary of results only in terms of what are the impressions on Instagram.

How to see the impressions of the Instagram Stories any time you want?  In the ‘Controls of stories’ you have to first activate the option ‘Save to the file’, or you have to save your story in the highlights of your profile. After that, you can continue to indefinitely see the total number of Instagram impressions.

Apps to audit and manage your Instagram

You can complement Instagram analytics with other data that provide certain useful apps and tools. These are some of the most complete:

  • Iconosquare: Formerly called Statigram, this app shows, among other things, the most successful posts, the average of likes and comments of that post, or how the account has evolved over time.
  • Metricool: The main value of this tool is that it allows us to visualize a large amount of data about our Instagram activity in a single panel, making the analysis and comparison between different metrics or periods of time much easier.
  • INK361: The main advantage of this app is that it allows you to look at the most important Instagram statistics of an Instagram account, even if it is not a company account or is not managed by experts. The app itself is quite simple and allows you to visualize the data in two different ways; from publication to publication or through a complete and detailed panel.
  • Command: Only available for mobile devices, this app stands out, in addition to providing different analysis of Instagram accounts, for offering useful recommendations. It’s especially aimed at obtaining higher performance.
  • SimplyGram: The main purpose of this app is to maintain your Instagram profile’s visibility by getting more engagement and attention through SimplyGram’s method of acquiring 2, 000 to 3, 000 followers every month.

These are just some of the external applications that allow us to audit our account and look at statistics on Instagram without risk of being penalized for it. If you try to use other apps to manage Instagram, make sure they are included in the list of official tools.

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