7 Underrated Instagram Tricks You Probably Don’t Know About post image

Instagram constantly evolves to add new tools and functions that revolutionize the way we manage our publications and brand content. After all, it is the fastest growing social media platform there is. As of April of this year, Instagram announced that it has already reached 700 million users worldwide, 100 million of which had just joined in the last four months. Just wow!

The launch of Instagram Stories and live videos have probably had a lot to do with this sudden boom.

And just so you don’t miss out on the newest and most hidden possibilities that Instagram has to offer, today I bring good tidings in the form of tips that can help you optimize your social presence among your Instagram followers.

1. Filter or deactivate comments

In September 2016, Instagram introduced the option to filter and moderate comments to avoid unwanted, out of tune remarks generated by trolls. The filtering system is quite rudimentary, but it’s there. To be able to do this, you just need to go to “Account Settings”, then the “Comments” menu. In this menu, you will see option to systematically hide comments that contain keywords or key phrases that you find offensive and unacceptable. Aside from being able to add them yourself, you will also find that a series of predetermined words have already been included. Activating this ensures that any comments containing any of the taboo words will not be published.

Alternatively, you can also choose to turn off the option to comment in your posts. There are two ways to do this:

  • Just before publishing each image or video, select “Advanced Settings” and disable the comments.
  • If you have already published it, tap the three dots on the upper right hand side of the image, and then check “Deactivate Comments” in the menu.

2. Control labeling in photos

Instagram profiles include, right above the photo gallery, a small menu for viewing photos. This  includes a square icon with the vector of a person. This icon’s main purpose is for you to see which images you were tagged in, even if they were not published by you. If you want to manage which photos should appear in this section, click on the “Photos in which you appear” icon. Then, from the three points on the upper right side, you will see two options:

  • Hide photos. You were probably tagged in an unflattering photo, or simply an image you don’t like to be associated with. You can choose to hide this so that it disappears from your profile completely.
  • Labeling options. You can choose whether you want tagged photos to be added to your profile automatically, or if you prefer to screen them first, and add them manually later on. This way, they will only appear in your profile in view of your IG followers when you approve them.

You can also remove yourself from a photo that you were tagged in. Go to the photo, tap on your name and under “More options”, click on “Remove me from this photo”.

3. Manage filters

Instagram offers 40 image filters to choose from. But you may not want to use them all, or have them all activated in the app. To decide which ones you want to see while editing, go to the “Filters” section. After the last available filter, click on “Manage”. You now can mark which ones you want to hide… at least until you change your mind.

4. Manage direct messages

Instagram Direct is also like any other chat tool. Any Instagram user can send you a direct message, unless you have already blocked them. How do you manage it?

  • Reading messages. If the sender of the message is someone you follow, the message will appear as “Read” once you view it. If someone you do not follow sends you a message, it will appear as a request in your inbox. And although you have already seen the message, the sender will only know if you have read it once you click on “Allow”.
  • Creation of group conversations. To create a group chat, you just have to add several recipients in the “New message” option, and send your first DM. Then, under “Group Name”, you can now assign a name to the group or conversation that you created.
Creation of group conversations

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5. Edit posts

Once an image or video has been published, you have the option to edit the geolocation, the description, the image tags, as well as the hashtags. What you won’t be able to do is edit or change the image or video again. If you realize that changes need to be made on the actual content, you will have to delete it and create a completely new post.

6. Save drafts

Since September 2016, Instagram has allowed users to save drafts of images that we are currently working on. This is a great feature since you can come back and continue from where you left off later on. When you are editing a photo, you can select the option to go back on the top left corner of your screen. A menu will appear, and instead of choosing “Discard”, select “Save Draft”. Keep in mind that if for some reason you uninstall the mobile app and download it again, you will not be able to keep your drafts.

7. Publishing a photo carousel

Since February of this year, users have been able to publish up to 10 photos or videos in one go. This is called the Carousel. To do this, choose the “Select Several” button when publishing a photo. This way, you can group similar photos or offer several perspectives of the same subject without having to post numerous publications. This will save you time and effort while enabling your creativity to go one step further.

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