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Today, I’ll share to you one of the management tools we’ve been asking from Instagram for months since its boom as a social network. Sadly, they never gave a positive response to our whims. It’s a super powerful tool that will allow you to manage multiple Instagram accounts from the computer instead of constantly logging in and out of the native Instagram app. But this is not all, the best thing about it is that this tool allows you to program photos in your accounts. I’ll tell you more about this wonderful tool 😉

What Features Does Schedugram Offer?

  • Directly uploads images from the computer. This is certainly a wonder considering that for the longest time, we had to save the photos on our phones and then publish it from there
  • Programs photos and videos any time you want, even if it’s at that exact moment
  • Gives the option for multiple users to manage the Schedugram account, this is ideal for agencies
  • Manages multiple Instagram accounts, say goodbye to constantly logging in and out of your Instagram account 😉
  • Uploads images in numerous sets, then quickly offer you the option to add messages and date of publication. This is ideal for campaigns 😉

Advantages of Schedugram

  • You can manage multiple accounts in a comfortable way
  • You can save a lot of time
  • It works from a computer and that personally gives me life

Disadvantages of Schedugram

  • Do you have to pay for it? Well, they offer a 7-day free trial, but then you have to pay for it after
  • You have to give your own password, but they assure you that everything will be super protected
  • It has a delay of between 5 and 10 minutes in the scheduled posts that you’ve programmed, so keep that in mind for your releases

Scheduled Prices

This is when the sad part comes, but the good thing about the app is that there’s an (effective) alternative version of something cheaper because there is a trick of installing the Android version on your computer and managing another account, but it is not as effective for day to day.

  • One account 13 dollars per month
  • 5 accounts 40 dollars per month
  • 10 accounts 60 dollars a month
  • 20 accounts 100 dollars a month

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