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In this article, you’ll find out about one of my favorite hacks. Once you learn the ins and outs of this new hack, you’ll discover how to give a more professional touch to your personal or company brand profile and create beautiful covers to emphasize your Instagram stories in the highlights.

In December 2017, Instagram launched a feature that left all users speechless: the ability to highlight the stories in our account!

This new function meant that stories were no longer limited on a certain period of time and we can now save our favorite stories and share them on our profile. Within weeks of this new action being active, platform users were looking for creative ideas to give it a unique and fun use, which led to the creation of the covers to classify certain outstanding stories.

However, we know that many users will find themselves in the dilemma of not having any idea on how to create the cover of the story on Instagram like how do you centralize the icon, what is the exact size of one, what tool do you use to create one, etc. That’s why from starting from today, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We have created a super easy to use editable template that will allow you to create the cover of your story on Instagram in a matter of minutes.

The template comes in two formats:

  • Photoshop – so that they have a slightly more advanced level in design and know how to use the tool.
  • PowerPoint – for those who do not know how to use design tools and are looking for something practical and simple to use.

Template To Create Stories On Instagram


Don’t wait any longer to change your Instagram profile. With this template, you can create the covers of your outstanding stories in a simple and practical way. The formats are in Photoshop and PowerPoint.

Below you’ll find three articles where you can see how to use the templates, export them in both formats, and also learn how to customize your covers from your mobile. But first, I want to show you how you can upload the story and I want to share you with some tips and inspiration.

How To Upload The Cover In Your Instagram Story

Once you’ve saved the image of your cover, upload it to your Instagram account. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Send the image to your phone (either through email or AirDrop if you have a Mac or iPhone).
  2. Log in to your Instagram account and upload the image/s of the cover as if it were a story.
  3. Then go to your profile and click on “New” to create an outstanding story and select the images you want to include in the story in proper order. REMEMBER: You must first select the image you designed as the cover, so that is how it is. 
  4. Now, you already have your story highlighted with a super cool cover.

Tips To Design The Cover Of Your Outstanding Story

  • It uses readable icons (e.g. icons with a flat icon style) that represents the group of images in that story.
  • Sort your featured stories according to the type of account you have. For example, if you have an accessory store, the ideal would be to classify the stories by earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.
  • From pages like, you can find a variety of icons to use. Remember to review its use policy, since in some cases you have to attribute the rights to the author.
  • DO NOT abuse the outstanding stories by creating hundreds of them. Focus better on showing the content of interest to the user and representing your brand.

Inspiration To Create The Cover Of Your Outstanding Story

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Here’s a compilation of how some accounts have designed their featured stories so you can inspire yourself by doing yours.

How to use the template in PowerPoint format  (.ppt)

How to use the template in Photoshop format (.psd)

How to personalize from mobile covers for highlights

If you work from your computer, creating covers to highlight your Instagram stories will be a relatively simple job. The question now becomes, what would happen if you wanted to create covers and customize them for the highlights of your profile directly from your mobile phone?

Applications Used To Customize Free Highlights

You can use these two applications and customize your highlights for free:

  • Desygner | I use this app first because it is very convenient to create content for different social networks. To create a nice cover design that we’ll then export to the highlights section of Instagram. You just have to go to the application and select the icon of your preferred social network, so that later you can choose a template to create a fully adapted content.
  • Canvas | With this application, you can also find many templates to choose the style of the cover that best fits your business. My recommendation is that you choose the app that you like the most, but if you have a company and you have little time, Canvas may be easier for you.

Stages Of Customization Of Covers For Your Highlights

Once you get familiar with the process, you’ll see that doing all the design work, personalizing, and uploading to the highlights section of your Instagram profile from your mobile phone is quite easy.

This has been the work process that I used with the Desygner application:

  1. You first access the application and select the option to create content for Instagram.
  2. Choose any of the templates to create a personalized text for your story. For myself, I chose one of the simplest templates because I think that it can be adapted very easily to any type of content.
  3. You mount the personalized or explanatory text with 3 elements; titles (example “Instagram headlines”), description (example “every Wednesday at 12 pm”) and an icon or photo.
  4. Once you finish mounting it, give it a quick check, download in PNG, and get the list of all the things you have recorded on your mobile phone. Then give it time to save on your camera.
  5. Then you go to the Instagram application and, once inside the Stories section, you look for the one you have saved in your photo gallery and upload it.
  6. Go back to your Instagram profile and select the highlights, select the cover you have created (which is the same one you’ve saved in your gallery). You can edit the cover by zooming in and cutting the icon, as it will be the featured element that appears in your profile.

Definitive Tips To Customize Your Highlights From A Mobile Device

And to finish with this article, take note of the 4 final recommendations to complete the task of personalization and uploading from your own mobile phone:

  • Create a cover with a representative icon for your Instagram Stories (avoid texts and other nearby elements). You can then prominently place it in your list of highlights.
  • Work comfortably from your mobile phone designing your covers with applications like Desygner or Canvas (whichever you like the most). If you have a company or a brand, you may find it more practical to edit your covers for highlights with Canvas.
  • Choose the template that you like best from the editing application that you decide to use, but also which one is easier to adapt to all types of content (text change, size, etc.).
  • Add an explanatory text to the covers for your Instagram stories, so that your followers understand what they’re all about. Create them in 3 steps (title, description, and icon) and centralize all its elements.
  • When you include the icon to emphasize your story in the highlights section of your profile, remember to zoom in and avoid other elements around.

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