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As we all know, Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks right now and yet it’s still considered as one of the worst apps to manage brands. We need dozens of external tools to manage and measure a brand. I can assure you that I am looking forward to the day when Instagram opens all its analytics and improves its application for managing multiple accounts. 

But enough of the negativity, today I have some good news, I just found out that my friends from Pirendo already measured the effectiveness of profiles and hashtags on Instagram. With these reports, we can analyze the results of our actions on Instagram and then we could design better content strategies. 

Why Do You Need To Analyze Instagram Hashtags?

  • To see the effectiveness of your online actions
  • To see the impact of your contests
  • To easily extract the winner of a contest
  • To design future actions and strategies on Instagram
  • To analyze the campaigns of your competition
  • To let your new set of organic and engaging followers from SimplyGram to see more of your content

What Are The Statistics That We Can Analyze From A Hashtag?

You’re wondering what statistics we can extract and analyze from a hashtag, right? You already know that it’s not easy to get results through the Instagram app because we would have to do it manually. However, with Pirendo, we can have all these automated tables and graphs. Below, I’ll share the statistics that I find as the most interesting to measure the effectiveness of our hashtags.

Total users who have uploaded content with your hashtag

Users: 89
Interactions: 11, 430
Posts: 194

The total of engagement actions that have generated the contents of that hashtag

We can see the data individually, or we can simply have the total of interactions (likes and comments) of all the contents.
Comments: 478
Likes: 10, 952

metricas hashtags instagram interactions

Total publications by type of content: photos or lives 

Images: 189
Videos: 5

content types report instagram

The most active days

most active days hashtag instagram

The most active schedules

hours more active hashtag instagram

The most active users

A list with the most active users and the number of posts that they’ve made using the hashtag of your brand. With this, you can identify prescribers to reward them or simply to take them into account for your future actions.

Most used hashtags

This metric can be very useful to analyze what labels your followers use. With this data, you can create future contents for those hashtags, analyze the interests related to your brand that the audience has, and improve your content strategy.

Listing with all publications

list of instagram publications

With this list of publications, you can find winners of contests, I’ll give you examples:

  • Winner with the most interactions on his posts
  • The random winner among all those who participated. Just download the publication table and then use to randomly choose a winner.
  • Winner with the most creative content
  • Winner with the most creative description

I hope you liked these metrics to measure the effectiveness of your hashtags on Instagram. I hope that this tool also saves you time and helps you boost your Instagram management. One last thing, don’t forget to try Instagram growth service apps like SimplyGram, they offer optimal methods to gain organic and engaging followers and will definitely make you succeed on Instagram.

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