3 Killer Ecommerce Apps to Boost Your Instagram Sales post image

We all know that we currently do not have the possibility to channel traffic directly to our websites. That is, if we were to rely on a posted Instagram image, its description or the comments section. You can include web addresses in the caption or description, but they are inactive and it is just not possible to click on them. So far, only the web address that appears in our account’s bio can be linked to a real site or landing page.

A very common solution that users resort to is by modifying the URL in the bio based on what they have recently published. They would add a description to their latest photo and refer the user to the link in the bio. Well what’s wrong with that? The problem is, the image and description will always be there once posted. But the URL in the bio is constantly changing every time you post new content. The risk of dissonance and asynchrony in your profile become high and your follower may end up landing on a page that they were not looking for to begin with.

So the question arises: What alternative is there to try to channel the visits from my Instagram image to my online shopping ecommerce?

Here are three resources you may want to check out:

1. Spreesy

Using this application, any Instagram follower who leaves a comment containing their email address will automatically receive the link to buy your products online.

Spreesy app

How does it work? The photo you uploaded should include the hashtag #spreesy in the description. In the text, you can say: “To buy, comment with your email address, and you’ll receive a secure checkout link”. You can also include the price and the characteristics of the products you are advertising.

What does the user have to do? The potential buyer does not need to register anywhere. Leaving a comment on the photo is enough. If you also add the hashtag #subscribe in the description, users who shared their email addresses will also receive a link in their email every time your brand publishes a new image. The links they receive are linked to Spreesy’s online store — not your own website. From there, your customers can complete their purchases either thru credit card or Paypal.

And what should the brand do? You must download and sign up on the Spreesy application. You can then publish your images on Instagram using certain fields in the app. The service is free, but Spreesy charges a 3% commission for each sale.

What are the disadvantages? For the users, it is inconvenient since they will have to post their email addresses in public. Note that they can always delete it later. On your end, the purchase is not made in Instagram’s or your website’s ecommerce, but in Spreesy.

2. LikeToKnowIt

Using this tool, users will receive an email with links to purchase your products, every time they “like” an image that you posted. This is popular among bloggers, Instagram influencers and even magazines for monetizing their posts. Vogue Magazine was one of the first brands to use this app in their Instagram posts to enable purchase among their Instagram followers.

LikeToKnowIt app

How does it work? The description of your photos should include the hashtag #liketkit and the username @liketoknow.it.

What does the user have to do? The first step is for the user to register on the Like to Know It website of the app. Then, when they hit “Like” on your Instagram image with the #liketkit hashtag, they will receive an email. The email contains their selected image and a mosaic with the thumbnails of other related items that they can buy online. When they click on the thumbnail, they will be redirected to your brand’s sales landing page. From there, your customers can make their purchase according to your site’s procedures and conditions.

And what should the brand do? Actually, this application is managed through an affiliation system. You, as a business, must register to Reward Style, the group which manages the program. They will request data such as the launch date of your website or blog, monthly frequency of posts, unique users, page views, social networks where you are present, your audience, the type of content you publish, etc.

What are the disadvantages? For brands, it is important to note that this is not direct online sales, but an affiliation. For bloggers, you should remember that you will first need to pass a filter and pre-selection process. Membership is not automatic.

While waiting to be accepted, you can start working on growing your Instagram following too. Enticing your Instagram followers to stick around and get 30,000 IG followers in under a year by signing up for a free trial of Simplygram.

3. Wearisma

Users get to buy products online as long as the photos include the hashtag #LiveYourLike. Once they hit “Like”, they will receive an email with links to complete the purchase.  

Wearisma app

How does it work? All that’s needed is the hashtag #LiveYourLike in the description of the photos. Generally, the photos would also include the text: “Get this by signing up at @wearisma”.

What does the user have to do? First, users will need to register with Wearisma using their Instagram profile. Once registered, they will receive an email with the links to purchase the products whose photos they “Liked” on Instagram. Wearisma will also add these items to the users’ “Wishlist”. Through Wearisma, members can also access discount codes that they can use to buy products online. Buyers can use them for any brand affiliated with Wearisma.

And what should the brand do? You will need to request access to the service, but the admission is not automatic. In addition, Wearisma does not publicize their terms and conditions nor the potential commission charges.

What are the disadvantages? For both bloggers and brands, the process is not immediate and is also more opaque compared to LikeToKnowIt.

And there you have it! And remember that in order to get great sales numbers, you will need to have a healthy Instagram following as well.  If you’re really serious about growing your Instagram and get on a fast-track path to becoming Instagram famous, you can also check out Simplygram.com, where you can sign up for a free trial of our Instagram growth service to help you get started.

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