What Your Children Should Know About Instagram Stories post image

Did you know that anyone can download your Instagram Stories, save them and share them?

Well, this question isn’t directly intended for you, dear reader. As an avid Instagram user, you probably already know the answer to this as well as what tools you have to use in order to perform this task. Alternatively, this may also be a topic you have no interest in at all. Or maybe you were just curious?

Despite the data that Google Analytics provides, there is no way for me to know if you use Instagram Stories or if you upload frequently. Nor can I tell what type of posts you publish. I can’t actually tell if you are worried that someone may download your content. Or if you have been downloading posts created by other people as well.

What I do know, because I see it everyday, is that there are more and more children and preadolescents on Instagram. These young ones are quite active in posting their own versions of creative images, all with their own criteria of quality and originality. They share content on Instagram stories with the confidence that their posts are ephemeral and will expire after 24 hours. Driven by this mentality, they become carefree with what they post. To them, it doesn’t matter what nonsense they capture on photo or record on video.

But it does matter.

So, dear reader, if you have (or know) minors with Instagram accounts, do them a favor and ask them: “Do you know that anyone can download your Instagram Stories, save them and share them?”.

Our children should be made aware that the stories they publish can be stored by other people, either using a computer or a mobile phone. In that case, the post has not expired… far from it. Once stored, it can be reposted, shared and disseminated infinitely. If any of the posts are compromising at all, they can come back at any time.

Let them know that you understand why they like to use it. After all, Instagram Stories is a very versatile and enjoyable tool. It is a great way to give free rein to their creativity especially if combined with Boomerang. This gives a completely different twist to their storytelling and reporting narratives. In addition, you can also explore SimplyGram with them, this gives you the chance to grow your following by gaining like-minded Instagram followers who are perfect for your community.

But they should also know that if a post prompts them to hide their faces, using a few brush strokes or some similar editing technique so as not to be recognized, it is better not to publish it at all. They are not fooling anyone.

Have them note that Instagram Stories leaves a fingerprint, and that they have to learn to manage it. Remind them that it’s no use having their account set up as private if they later accept everyone just to have more followers, or get more “likes” that do not make them more popular anyway.

And if they don’t believe you, and they still trust that their Stories disappear after 24 hours, show them an example using the InstaStory app from the Apple Store. I’ve tried it, it works wonders and it’s free. For those on Android, you can choose from several Story Saver apps on Google Play. You can also add the Chrome IG Story extension if you prefer to download the history on your computer.

At the end of the day, their safety is paramount. Social media can be a double-edged sword if not wielded properly and if you are not surrounded by people with the same intentions as yours. With SimplyGram, you can get more Instagram followers who also share the same interests as you do. Sign up for a free trial today.

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