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Of the numerous social media platforms available today, Instagram is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about making money as an influencer marketer. To most people, it is just another way to share pictures with friends and vice versa. But do you know that many people even manage to make a whole lot of money on the platform? These individuals are called Instagram models. If used properly, Instagram can be an indispensable source of income for you as well. 

Who is the Instagram Model?

As the name suggests, Instagram models are people who make money modeling on Instagram. These Instagram users choose to avoid the hassle that comes with working in the traditional media and dealing with agents. Instead, they take their careers into their own hands. All you need to begin with as an Instagram model is a follower count in the thousands.

People like Jack Morris and Essie Golden have achieved significant milestones as successful Instagram models, with earnings in the millions. But how do Instagram models make money in the true sense? And how much do they earn on the platform? Let’s find out.  

How much do Instagram models make?

Instagram has revolutionized the modern modeling industry. The number of social media influencers is rising exponentially, and many of these manage to earn thousands of dollars per post on the platform. Sponsored posts take center stage when it comes to the primary source of income of these models. Companies are typically willing to pay successful Instagram models  huge sums of money for showcasing their products.  

Brand promotion has now slowly transitioned from television and billboards to online platforms, especially social media. A ‘traditional’ model would work for an ad or modeling agency and still be paid a decent amount of money. But since most consumers spend their time scrolling through their Instagram feeds, companies are willing to hire Instagram models or influencers to promote their products. And they are paying them ridiculously huge amounts of money for doing so.

Gabrielle Epstein, a 21-year-old model, recently claimed that posting a single selfie on Instagram provides her with a higher pay-check than what she would have earned through a week of regular work. With astounding statistics like this, it is no wonder why Instagram modeling is becoming an increasingly desirable profession.

Many companies even go as far as sending a free product to these models to endorse them on their Instagram accounts. While this technically doesn’t fall under earnings, it is a big perk of being in this profession. Many models are even paid to travel to exotic destinations and attend events while representing a particular brand. They are paid in thousands to visit new places, take a few pictures, and have a good time. So, why would they choose to do anything else?  

The more followers you have on your Instagram account, the more money you can earn. Gabrielle Epstein, the model we mentioned earlier, has over 100,000 followers and 25,000 likes on each post. While she earns a huge amount of money by endorsing brands, many other examples will blow your mind. 

Models with over a million followers on Instagram, such as Danielle Bernstein, charge up to $15,000 per post! Global celebrities like Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo earn $800,000 and $750,000 per post, respectively. Kylie Jenner tops them all with an average of $1 million per post.

These renowned celebrities are not the only ones who make money on Instagram. Many micro-influencers also make a lot of money through sponsored content on Instagram. This goes to show that you don’t have to be a global celebrity to make a living off the platform. Read on some helpful tips below if you’re looking to break your way into the Instagram modeling.  

Steps to Become a Popular Instagram Model

Starting a modeling career has become easier than ever since the rise of Instagram. The days when you had to visit agencies and compete against numerous other models for a job are long gone. With Instagram, any determined individual can become a famous model by following these simple steps: 

Make an attractive portfolio

The content you produce and post on Instagram makes your portfolio. For this reason, you have to be careful when picking images and videos to upload to the platform. Your content has to be a fair representation of your highest-quality work. To make your portfolio a little diverse, be sure to try out different looks and balance out professional content with self-made ones.

Increase your follower count

Perhaps the most crucial step to becoming a successful Instagram model is to have a large following on the platform. There are many ways to achieve this, including posting entertaining and valuable content, following-unfollowing a large number of accounts, and even hiring organic Instagram growth services to do the job for you. The most effective method of accumulating Instagram followers is through organic growth. You can achieve this by regularly uploading high-quality content, engaging with potential audiences, and using trendy hashtags.

Collaborate with other models

You’d be surprised by the number of Instagram influencers willing to collaborate for promotions. There’s no harm in contacting individuals with a large follower base on the platform or other Instagram models. Imagine the growth of your followers if someone with tens of thousands of followers engages with your content! Successful collaboration will not only expand your outreach within the platform but can also help you get noticed by brands and companies for sponsorship deals.


Instagram has changed the entire landscape of the modeling profession, providing millions of aspiring models with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. By using the right marketing strategies, you can now easily break into the business and start to earn heaps of cash. If you think you have what it takes to be an Instagram model, by all means, give it a shot!

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