Buzzoid vs. SimplyGram Get More Followers on Instagram

If you are new to Instagram and want to market your page, the first thing you’d want to do is get more followers on Instagram. On Instagram, the more followers you have equals more user engagement. Users are also likely to follow other Instagram accounts that have amassed many followers. Consider a scenario where you want to buy shoes or clothes online. If you saw two online shops with similar account names, one with 100 followers and another with 10,000 – which one would you follow? Probably the one with many followers, right? This is because you would assume the one with many followers is more legit and not a scam. So more Instagram followers make your account seem more legit.

If you want to increase followers on Instagram, you must have come across various growth services claiming to offer the best Instagram growth services at affordable prices. But how can you tell a genuine Instagram growth service provider from a scam? We will address that in this article by comparing 2 of the most popular Instagram growth service providers in the market, Buzzoid, and Simplygram.

What Is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid is a platform that claims to offer a follower booster program that allows you to increase your Instagram followers and get more views and likes at a fee. So let’s look at what they offer and compare it to what SimplyGram offers.

What Features Does Buzzoid Offer?

According to Buzzoid, they offer the following features:

  • Managed growth, where they use high-tech tools to specifically target Instagram users likely to be interested in the content you would be sharing in your account
  • Quick delivery of followers within the first hour of your purchased order. Buzzoid ensures that the followers are real, from verified Instagram accounts
  • 24/7 customer support that immediately replies to queries raised by customers efficiently.

Is Buzzoid a Scam?

We have not yet tested Buzzoid’s services, so we can’t confirm if it’s a scam. However, following multiple complaints from different users on Trustpilot and other trusted online review websites, we have reasons to believe that may be the case.

Despite offering diverse packages, it ranked poorly according to Buzzoid reviews. A team of reviewers tested their 500 followers package and cited several issues in their services. Some of them include slow service delivery and sudden high loss of followers. More alarming was their 24/7 support, which was proven ineffective after the reviewers waited for more than 7 days and still got no response. This has left aspiring clients wondering if Buzzoid is legit. 

Don’t risk your money purchasing likes, views, or followers from Buzzoid. Unlike SimplyGram and other competitors, Buzzoid does not offer a free trial, making it difficult to confirm if user complaints were taken seriously and the problems rectified. 

Our verdict is that SimplyGram is better than Buzzoid. It does not guarantee many followers within a short period but will allow you to test their services even though it’s for a short period. This will allow you to decide if you’d like to upgrade to their premium packages after the trial period expires. 

Buzzoid vs. SimplyGram

Buzzoid and SimplyGram are among the top-rated Instagram growth service providers selling their services online. Both claim to offer the best results. But does their follower booster for Instagram works as they promise?

Buzzoid claims they can help you grow your followers and post engagements in views and likes in less than 24 hours. Users are assured of results an hour or less after purchasing their services. They also offer a full refund in the scenario where they don’t deliver as promised.

SimplyGram also promises a relatively fast growth in Instagram followers. Their sophisticated AI technology is said to identify the demographics of followers likely to be interested in your Instagram content. The technology works by creating user accounts that regularly message potential followers and direct them to your page for exciting content.  

Once you subscribe to any of their packages, you’ll be provided a real person to serve as an account manager dedicated to growing your account followers and social media influence. They will also ensure your account is secure while their service runs throughout the day in the background.

Why SimplyGram Is Better than Buzzoid

Why SimplyGram Is Better than Buzzoid


Intelliboost is a propriety optimization engine that SimplyGram uses to improve account access. You also don’t have to worry about the feature getting outdated soon; SimplyGram always takes time to update its technology to ensure it is up-to-date with Instagram’s algorithm to maximize your results.

1-on-1 Consultation

One of the best things about signing up on SimplyGram is that you are assured that your Instagram account will be at the hands of a dedicated account manager, not an AI-powered bot. The account manager will use different strategies to help you get more followers on Instagram.

Cloud-Based Technology

The future relies on technology for storage and protection from threat issues. SimplyGram uses a 199 % cloud-based technology made by some of the most talented computer engineers. This lets them focus most of their time on helping you get more followers on Instagram.

Instagram TOS Compliance 

SimplyGram takes your account’s security very seriously. They have invested their time and expertise in studying Instagram’s policies and other things that could jeopardize the safety of your account to ensure Instagram likes and follows limit are never exceeded.

SimplyGram’s Free Trial

SimplyGram also offers an incentive to new users by giving them a 3-day trial. Buzzoid, on the other hand, only offers 50 likes, which isn’t enough for growth. The 3-day free trial lets you see what the subscription can do for you in terms of growth. So users can utilize this offer and get free Instagram followers. You also don’t have to do anything since your account manager will handle everything on your behalf.


Getting Instagram followers is challenging, even for users who post the most engaging content. Fortunately, the introduction of Instagram growth services makes it easier for aspiring Instagram influencers, content creators, and marketers to grow their Instagram pages. Buzzoid and Simplygram are two Instagram growth services that use different approaches.

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