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Instagram is the only social network that doesn’t have a complete analytics panel to measure and improve our data management using our computers. In 2016, they did add analytics in company profiles but, sadly, this is only available using the mobile app. This definitely limits monitoring and analytics.

This time, I want to share some great tools that will definitely help you analyze the data and statistics of your Instagram account. It’s important to remember that we should always measure every action we take, this social network is growing every day and we need to make the most out of our presence.

Here’s one important fact, there are some sets of data that you can’t get with external tools because the API of Instagram has many limitations for external applications. Remember that you can always see official analytics through your mobile app but only if you have a company profile.

Tools For Creating Reports and Extracting Instagram Data

1. Pirendo

Pirendo is a professional app that will allow us to access information about our account. It has very powerful and interesting statistics. (For you to access that powerful set of data, fairly enough, you need to pay for it)

Once you try it out, you’ll understand why I love the table of contents that Pirendo offers us. Here’s a hint, it shows what works and what we need to improve or eliminate in our posts.

2. Metricool

Metricool offers us graphs and interesting Instagram data. They have a very interesting free version.

My favorite graphic from this app is the one that shows the evolution of your followers and the posts you publish. In this way, you can identify and analyze the growth peaks or simply when you get stuck.

Some metrics that Metricool throws at us:

  • Evolution of followers
  • New followers and non-followers
  • Top contents
  • Interactions

3. Websta

Websta is one of the most powerful free tools on Instagram. Through it, we can identify trends and analyze Instagram accounts or hashtags. Here’s a graph of the filters and hashtags that an account has used the most.

top filters and hashtags of instagram-websta report

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Here are some of the statistics Websta include:

  • Most active users with a hashtag or account
  • Like summaries, followers, etc.
  • Top hashtags and filters of an account
  • Evolution of contents
  • Evolution of followers

With Websta, you can access account data without logging in. This means that you can monitor your competitors.

4. Union metrics

Union Metrics, with its free audit option, gives you basic but useful information about your Instagram account. You can see below the two graphs with interesting data that this free mini-audit can offer you.

improvement engagement instagram union metrics report instagram

Some metrics that you will see:

  • The hashtag that works best for you
  • The best time to publish
  • The user who interacts most with your account
  • The contents that have generated the most interactions


This platform is one of the most complete management apps out of them all. Another great thing about this tool is that it’s always efficiently updated about the new features or prohibitions of Instagram. With, you can access different data such as:

  • Evolution of followers
  • Content with more engagement
  • Analysis of hashtags

I hope these tools and template will help you create better Instagram reports. 

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