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Getting leads on Instagram to finally close sales with new customers is much simpler than you can imagine.

Although you can resort to the payment method that offers Instagram Leads Ads, you also have other alternatives available that can help you increase the sales of your company or business. Among them are the stories, which thanks to their visibility are increasingly used to capture leads.

The potential of Stories and Instagram Leads Ads

There is no doubt about it; Instagram is booming. It is the social network that is growing at a greater pace and exponentially since its inception and, more specifically, since 2010.

Of course, companies are aware of this and have adapted their content marketing and social media strategies to the growing number of users on this social platform, in order to reach a greater number of potential customers.

Brands are committed to creating content for Instagram stories, even above the payment actions through Instagram Leads Ads.

How to capture leads on Instagram?

The first thing you will have to do to capture quality leads is to define (if you have not already done so) the characteristics that your ideal customer or buyer has to verify that they are active users of Instagram.

Otherwise, it would be counterproductive to invest resources in this type of strategy. But, if your target audience is diligent to Instagram, congratulations; you are on the right path

1) Capture leads in Instagram Stories

Among all the features that Instagram offers, the stories are undoubtedly the star content of this application despite its limitation regarding the inclusion of clickable links.

Back in 2017, it was estimated that by 2018, 68% of companies will create content for Instagram Stories in order to generate engagement and capture leads in Instagram. Unsurprisingly, they were correct.

It’s also worth considering that putting links in the stories is possible in some cases, such as:

  • For accounts with more than 10 thousand followers or verified. Recently, it’s even possible for accounts with less than 10 thousand followers.
  • For stories with content promoted through Facebook & Instagram Ads.
  • For video content published on IGTV and subsequently shared on Instagram Stories (which will link to it).

If what you want is to generate a greater number of leads, there are a couple of considerations that you should take into account:

Create the texts well

Detect the need of your potential clients, offer a concrete value proposal to satisfy them and present it with the right words. These are the keys to Instagram stories.

Of course, the images you choose will also be important and should be evocative, but the texts are vital. Therefore, do not forget to apply certain tricks such as using the functionality of the stickers on Instagram or apply flat color backgrounds that make the texts stand out.

Tip to include indirect links in the stories: Do not forget, in addition, to include mentions on your bio in which the clickable reference link should be included.

Mount a specific landing page

The landing page or the page to which your Instagram stories point to should offer the same benefit as advertised in the social network if you do not want to encourage the increase in the bounce rate.

If the user perceives a certain inconsistency between both contents, he will immediately leave the page. To prevent this from happening, conceive and create the landing page as if it were a continuation of the story. Also, with SimplyGram, you can get 2, 000 to 3, 000 more engaging followers to maintain your content visibility and landing page visits.

2) Influencer Marketing

If your company or business is just starting or is in the implementation phase, it’s likely that it’ll be difficult for you to capture leads on Instagram.

In that case, stop worrying about who does not follow you on Instagram and don’t rule out using influencers to gain notoriety in this social network.

In this way, you’ll have immediate access to their audience, which will probably be much greater than yours, and which should have characteristics similar to those of your target audience.

3) Contests and draws on Instagram

The main advantage of launching sweepstakes or contests on Instagram has to do with the increased scope that can be obtained thanks to them.

In this sense, one of the most widespread techniques is to ask users to, in order to be eligible for the prize, mention two or three other contacts in the comments of the post in which the draw is presented. You will thus achieve up to 3 times more people in the same publication.

4) Capture customers with Instagram Leads Ads

The brands that decide to invest in Instagram advertising have the ability to configure their ads based on their main objective (in addition to including a link). The generation of potential customers is, in this case, our priority.

To achieve this, this functionality of Instagram allows us to set up campaigns to get leads on Instagram in a very similar way to how we can do it on Facebook:

  • We establish the calendar of the campaign.
  • We indicate the characteristics of the audience we want to reach.
  • We define the format and content of the ad.
  • We limit the budget we have.

The purpose of this action is that through a registration form inserted in the advertisement, the user provides us with the information we need to finish presenting our commercial proposal.

An extra tip to capture leads on Instagram

Getting leads with Instagram is simple if you follow any of these practices and strategies, but remember that you will have to confirm in advance that your audience is really in this social network and that the action you want to carry out is suitable for this platform.

Furthermore, you should make sure that the engagement you get directs you to more users viewing your landing page and actually buying your goods or service. This can be made easier through apps such as SimplyGram, one of the best Instagram growth service app that offers a quite beneficial free trial to get those needed followers.

Beyond the comments, clicks, or likes you get, you’ll have to measure the conversions. Remember that what is sought is not to achieve virality, but profitability.

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