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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. Despite some of its shortcomings, Instagram remains a social media tool worth investing in. So, if you want to grow your social media influence, you should consider creating an Instagram account as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most users struggle to grow their accounts after creating an account.

Instagram was designed to favor content from users with many followers and engagements over those who don’t. As a new user, you want to take advantage of this and amass as many followers as possible, so more users can see your content, especially if you’re going to market yourself or another product or business. The easiest way you can do that is to use Instagram followers increase app. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from regardless of whether you are on an android or iOS device. Since there are many options, some legit and others not, we will shorten that list for you by only featuring the ones we consider among the best.

  1. SimplyGram

One of the best apps to increase followers on Instagram is SimplyGram. It was launched as an Instagram growth service that only provides users with real organic growth. It uses various strategies, such as hiring a real person with Instagram account growth experience to manage your account around the clock. The strategy they adapted to avoid fake followers and bots is popularly referred to as the “organic strategy approach.”

This strategy usually takes more time to show results. Still, it is worth it in the end as it promises real engagement, which is crucial as it allows your Instagram content to reach more followers. This makes it easier to advertise products while growing your reach.


  • Guarantees Instagram growth
  • Enables you to set a target audience
  • Promotes real follower growth
  • It uses a dedicated account manager
  • Has a very active customer support team
  • Users get a 3-days free trial


  • It may take a bit longer to increase following
  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is not just any other increase-followers Instagram app you have seen before. It has a rich history as the first app to be launched for social media management and has earned its place as one of the best apps to increase Instagram followers. The app is versatile as it supports various social media platforms apart from Instagram. You can rely on Hootsuite to help you create and schedule your social media posts regardless of whether you are an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook user.

Hootsuite will also help you stay updated with what your Instagram followers are posting by notifying you of what’s happening. You can then use that information to grow your Instagram engagement by following other users, liking posts, and replying to mentions.


  • Supports multiple social media platforms
  • It has a simple interface
  • Notifies you of your followers’ updates
  • Allows users to schedule social media posts


  • Its additional features can make it harder for some to learn how to use the app. 
  1. StimSocial

Stimsocial is full of useful features to utilize for your account growth. For example, you can customize your StimSocial app to target only specific users and profiles on Instagram. StimSocial then uses this information to automate follows and likes for the targeted accounts since they are the people likely to be interested in your content.

It also provides users with analytics, insights, and reports on what goes on in their Instagram profiles, making it easier to monitor your account. Furthermore, you can mute “new followers” notifications for a clean feed. If you are on TikTok, this app will just be as useful as it supports TikTok too, and has a 5-day free trial.


  • Provides users with analysis and reports for easy account monitoring
  • Can be set to target specific audiences
  • Supports auto views, likes, and follows
  • Has the mute “new follower” option for a clean feed
  • Awards a 5-days free trial to new users


  • Has no refund policy
  1. Follower Analyzer

Third on the list is the popular Follower Analyzer app. As the name suggests, this app was specifically tailored to allow Instagram users to gather analytics and other important information that may help grow their Instagram pages. It provides its users with different metrics variations concerning their Instagram accounts and those of other users they may be targeting.

The tool is very useful as it also enables you to check followers who unfollowed you and those whom you followed but did not follow you back. In addition, you can use it to locate mutual friends, new followers, or your entire follower count on Instagram. Its impressive features don’t end here. You can check your followers’ engagements to your post as the app will display information on followers who have not liked or commented on your posts and those who are most active.

To wrap up its list of features, you can use the app to gather data on which of your posts received the most engagement and which people tagged you the most. You can use the ad-free version of the app that supports multiple accounts by purchasing it on the Google Play Store.


  • Allows users to gather useful information and analysis
  • Enables you to keep track of who follows/ unfollows you
  • It helps you keep count of your followers


  • The free version of the app contains ads
  1. Iconosquare

This is among the best apps for those looking to quickly grow your Instagram followers with real users. It might be quite different from some of the apps we have listed in that it was meant to target brands and companies looking to grow their social media marketing presence by gaining more followers on Instagram. 

Its main feature is currently the option that allows users to gather data and insight of competitors with active Instagram accounts. This information is quite useful to brands and companies as it helps keep them updated on the latest trends to respond effectively. 

You can use the platform for free, but the trial period will be limited to 14 days, after which you’ll have to pay to keep using the services. The good thing about going premium is you will enjoy the added option to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.


  • Allows brands and companies to get information on competitors
  • It has a 14-day free trial
  • Users can manage several accounts simultaneously


  • No version available for regular users
  1. Buffer

Buffer is another app that we cherish for its scheduling feature. It has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes creating and scheduling posts less complicated, even for new users who don’t know how Instagram works.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of its other useful tools, such as its analytical tools. You can use the tool to see how many comments, likes, and new followers you have gained in your profile. You can check out its free and paid version before deciding which one to get. 


  • It has a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Features analytical tools for analyzing likes and followers
  • Enables post scheduling
  • Notifies you of successful and failed social media posts


  • It does not support all Instagram posts
  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire developers claim that the app is the biggest marketing tool to have on your phone. Its capabilities and features are meant not only for Instagram users but also for other social media platforms. The multiplatform tool app can also work on online stores and helps you single out all your inactive followers and followers who have not followed you.

You can also use Crowdfire to schedule your Instagram posts, since it can locate and recommend the best articles and images to use in your posts. It also helps you update your feed regularly, which helps grow your Instagram followers.



  • Users with more than two accounts have to pay to use multiple accounts


Instagram has lots of opportunities that users can exploit and earn from. Apart from interacting with other users, you can choose to use the platform for advertising businesses and products from upcoming brands and get paid for your services. 

However, to get such opportunities in the first place, you’ll need to have an influence on the platform, which you can only get by amassing many real followers. This was quite a challenge back when apps that increase Instagram followers weren’t a thing. 

Fortunately, App developers and Instagram hack experts saw this niche and invested their time and effort in developing apps that help users gain real likes and followers for a fee.  

The apps have many useful features and are pretty easy to install, operate and update. You can also trust them to protect your most confidential information from hackers and prying eyes since they were designed, tested, and incorporated with security features to make them less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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