5 Unexpected Places That Will Inspire Your Next Instagram Ads post image

Getting the inspiration to design your Instagram Ads is not always easy. The process of conceptualizing, creating and implementing your ideas can sometimes be challenging and time consuming. Nevertheless, there are certain times of the year when we should be putting all our efforts into generating our best online advertisements.

That is why in this post, we will take a look at a different approach and talk about your ads on a strategic level (in terms of segmentation, copy and text, etc). The goal is to follow and be inspired by creative and ingenious minds that have already proven their worth in designing marketing strategies that work.

With that said, research on visual editing platforms and creative websites can also offer interesting ideas for your future Instagram Ads.

What Makes An Effective Ad On Instagram?

Obviously, learning from the best artists and connecting with creatives can help you come up with great ideas to attract your Instagram followers with your online advertising. But before anything else, do you know what requirements an ad must meet in order to be considered attractive?

There are many different types of ads in Instagram, but we can confidently say that these are the common characteristics of any successful advertisement:

  • Text space: 100% is used (without exceeding 20% ​​of the image).
  • Quality image that respects the format according to what Instagram feature was used (feed or story).
  • Very concise and sends a direct message containing the main points.
  • Optimum and relevant use of #hashtags.
  • Clear call to action without any elements that can defer attention or lead to misinterpretation.

Where To Get Inspiration For Instagram Ads?

You will really need laser focus in searching for visual inspiration for your Instagram ads. Ultimately, everything will have to be about attractive images and graphics.  Here are some of the most inspiring sources:

💡  Instagram search engine

You read it right! One of the best sources of inspiration for Instagram ads is the corporate profile of the social network itself for two main reasons:

  • This channel communicates the main news and latest features of Instagram for designing ads and advertising campaigns.
Instagram search engine
  • In their profile, Instagram offers an immense array of photographs and videos published by users about any subject under the sun. Just by simply looking at these, you will surely feel inspired. They will leave you wanting to take new pictures as soon as possible!

Ultimate Hack #1: Of course, if you want to be much more specific when it comes to getting inspiration for your Instagram ads, the best way to get ideas related to your sector and products is to spy on the activity of the competition on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

💡 Photo editing blogs

The images you use in your ads will be your main hooks. So follow the creations of experts in photography and illustration to help you generate ideas for your Instagram ads. For example:

  • Adobe Photoshop Blog | It is the leading photo editing software on the market, and in its blog shares very striking creations of other professionals. They also show  different uses of filters and contrasts applicable to Instagram Ads.
  • Polaroid Blog | One of the maxims of this brand is their design and aesthetic care. Just by taking a look at your blog and your Instagram profile, you can come up with a lot of ideas for both content and format.
Polaroid Blog
  • PicsArt Blog | Here, you can also get many ideas to create the best Instagram ads. In this case, we are talking about an app dedicated to photo editing, which can help you find or create graphic material to use in your advertisements.

💡 Brand accounts and influencers on Instagram

Without a doubt, another good way to get inspiration for your Instagram ads is to dive into the profiles of the best influencers on Instagram. For example:

  • GoPro | This camera manufacturer brand shares, with its Instagram community, its own and other people’s highly captivating images. All GoPro pictures, of course, come with that special touch of awesomeness created by their wide-angle lenses.
  • Skyscanner | This travel aggregate practically bases its Instagram publications on spooky landscapes, impressive cities and imposing monuments.

Looking at these types of accounts can lead you to discovering tons of powerful photographs and unconventional ideas. Be sure to select Instagram accounts that also match your sector and your niche.

It is also possible to fast track the growth of your Instagram account so that you become the influencer to your IG followers. Simplygram helps you achieve this.

💡 Popular platforms and trends

Taking a look at any of the dozens of image banks on the internet will no doubt inspire you. Form the various compositions and illustrations shared by people all over the world, there are sure to be a handful that you haven’t thought of before.

On this note, do you know that there are colors and tones that reign every year in the world of design? Following Pantone trends will definitely lead you to a whole new world of shades and hues. Knowing how many options are out there may give you the confidence to experiment with colors that will best work with your ads.

💡 Other hacks to post on Instagram Ads

Creativity should not only be in your ads. Your aesthetic and aim to visually please should also organically reflect in your daily posts and stories. To get more ideas for your publications, it may be good to get inspiration and hacks from other social media platforms.

Ultimate Hack #2: To give maximum dynamism to your company or brand, and always know what to publish on Instagram: categorize your content according to themes and their locations; and assign visual styles that are harmonious and coherent with each other. For example, follow a sequence of formats to experiment with your ads, like: 2 videos, 1 GIF and 3 publications with educational content per month.

Lastly, one of the easiest hacks to get inspiration is to interact with your Instagram followers. Find out what they like and ask relevant questions that can help you better understand what elements appeal to them. The more followers you have, the better. To achieve this, you can sign up for a free trial at Simplygram, so we can help you interact with the 3,000 followers you will gain every month.

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