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The social network Instagram recently announced that we can send content (images or videos) through direct messages to our contacts. Because of this, I’m sharing with you an informative article about this new update and how this new service will work.

Official Instagram Video

How Instagram Direct Message Will Work

  • Users will make their photos or videos as always
  • Then when sharing the content Instagram will ask the user how they want to do it: if publicly (as always) or by direct message
  • These contents can be sent to one or more friends of the user
  • The user who sends the photo using the direct message will be able to see the interactions that the others carry out with their content (if they have seen it for example, care boyfriend couples: P)
  • The contents shared in private have the same functionalities as those of the public, those who will receive said contents can comment and do what they like

Why It’s Interesting To Use Instagram Direct Message

There are many reasons, but personally I think the main ones would be the following:

  • Not everything you want to share you want it to be public
  • There are special moments that you only want to share with a certain group of people or in any case with only one person
  • It has more privacy to share content by private, all social networks offer us this alternative, it just took Instagram a little while to get on the private message train

How To Activate Instagram Direct Message

To activate this new functionality, you only have to update your mobile application to the new version 5.0, available in both Apple Store and Google Play 

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