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There are many limitations within Instagram and yet thousands of uninformed users infringe on them every day. Instagram Shadowban is one of the measures that Instagram do in order to stop the incorrect and unethical activities of many users.

Through this article, I want to explain how this drastically reduces your exposure and how do you avoid it or remove it if you’ve already been affected.

What is Shadowban on Instagram

The Shadowban consists of limiting the exposure of a profile to search engines and non-followers. This negative effect seeks to solve SPAM behavior and abusive, prohibited, and inappropriate profiles with the aim of maintaining a secure community within the social network.

In short, Shadowban is the fine paid by profiles that use hashtags or “hacks” prohibited by the social network. For example, following and unfollowing tons of accounts in a short period of time, liking too many posts, using hashtags banned by the social network, etc.

What are the consequences of Shadowban

  • Your content won’t appear next to other profiles in a hashtag search.
  • Your content will stop showing to new audiences since you don’t appear on the search results (only your followers will be able to see your content).
  • Your followers growth and interaction media will drastically decrease.

How to know if you have been Shadowbanned

The process of verifying if your account is, indeed, suffering a ShadowBan is very simple. Here are the basic steps:

  • Use your Instagram test account (every profile should have one to check it) or ask a friend/coworker to stop following your brand on Instagram.
  • Post a certain form of content on your Instagram profile with hashtags (better if they’re unpopular hashtags).
  • From your test account or from your friend/coworker’s profile, check whether the content you just published is displayed among all the posts in the hashtags.
  • If you don’t see your content then most likely you’re a current victim of the Shadowban.

How to avoid an Instagram Shadowban or how to get rid of it if it already affected you

  • Avoid using the same hashtags in all your posts.
  • Avoid any kind of repetitive action and interaction in a short time. Ex:
  • Liking many posts in a short period of time.
  • Leaving the same comment again and again in posts of different accounts.
  • Constantly following and unfollowing people.
  • Avoid using banned hashtags momentarily or permanently. You can check on this page (Instavast) the updated list of these hashtags.
  • Check all your past posts with hashtags and eliminate any hashtags that have been banned.
  • Get help from apps such as SimplyGram to get more organic and engaging followers to increase your visibility rather than resorting to bots and SPAM-like behavior.
  • Avoid any technique that violates the limitations of Instagram.
  • Log in with your Instagram account on your computer and access this link https://www.instagram.com/accounts/manage_access/. Then remove all the strange applications that you have used with your profile. If you want to confirm the tools that are official Instagram partners, visit this official list.
  • If you’ve just realized that you’ve been a victim of Shadowban, I recommend that you stop publishing for a minimum of 48 hours in your account (I also recommend for you to take a 3-4 day break) and NOT perform any interaction (liking, commenting, etc.). This “Fine of Instagram” is usually withdrawn from the second and third week after you start to properly manage your account.
  • According to Alex Tooby (Instagram specialist), switching to the personal profile can help you remove the ban soon.
  • Finally, always publish appropriate content for your social network and avoid being reported by other users.

As you see, Shadowban is a consequence of doing things wrong. If for some reason you let yourself be carried away by the advice of “unethical professionals”, who recommended you to use automated tools and/or to abuse the hashtags, I hope that from now on you’ll keep in mind these strategies to prevent it from ever happening to you or from happening again.

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