What Does User Not Found Mean On Instagram

Instagram is home to over a billion profiles. These include celebrities, favorite rock bands, soccer teams, friends, acquaintances, and more.

One way to access people on the platform is by looking up their handles using the search feature. But, like technology, things sometimes don’t go as expected.

You can be greeted with the “Instagram user not found” message when trying to do this.

There are a handful of reasons this could happen. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers for you in this article.

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We’ll discuss what you can do when you get the user not found Instagram message. By the end, you should be able to navigate Instagram with confidence and ease.

What Does “User Not Found” Mean on Instagram?

In simple terms, the Instagram user not found error message occurs when the platform cannot locate the account you are trying to access.

We’ve been there, too, and can tell how frustrating this could be.

However, understanding why it happens can be crucial for troubleshooting and finding solutions.

The popular belief is that when you get the user not found IG error message, you have been blocked by the user you are trying to access. In fact, this can be true, but it’s not always the case.

Other possible reasons include the following:

  • deactivated or deleted account
  • a typing error in the username
  • temporary glitch

Let’s look at these in detail:

Deactivated or Deleted Account

Once an Instagram account is deactivated or deleted, it’ll be inaccessible to others. This remains one of the primary causes of the “user not found” error message. 

Deactivation means that the user has temporarily disabled their account. In this case, the user’s profile and content will be hidden from other users, and they will not be able to access their posts, stories, or followers. However, the account is still technically active and can be reactivated by the user at any time.

On the other hand, deletion means the user has chosen to remove their account from Instagram permanently. In this case, the user’s profile and content will be completely removed from the platform, and it will not be possible to access their account or content in any way.

Remember, Instagram has rules everyone must play by. If a user goes against the policies, they may get their account removed from the platform, resulting in others not being able to find them.

A Typing Error in the Username

A typo is likely to happen if you are trying to access an account with a long or complicated username. Hence you’ll get an error message or search results different from what you intended. What you want to do here is double-check the username’s spelling to ensure that you have typed it correctly. Remember that usernames on Instagram are not case-sensitive, so @kimkardashian is the same as @KIMKARDASHIAN.

The User Has Blocked You

Let’s face it; there’s no way you’ll find someone on Instagram if they’ve blocked you. It means they have taken specific action to prevent you from accessing their profile or any of their content on the platform. In this case, when you try to search for or access the blocked user’s profile, you will see the “User Not Found” error message.


We hope this piece has helped you identify why you are getting the “Instagram user not found” feedback. While this error message can pop up for several reasons, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue and address the situation. Be sure to double-check that you spell the username correctly. You can also contact the person directly or use keywords or hashtags to find them when a user is not found on Instagram.

Maddie Schultz
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