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During the coronavirus pandemic, most of us have been spending ample time surfing social media networks, especially Instagram. The social distancing and stay-at-home protocols haven’t been easy, so most of us seek comfort from looking at other users posts. 

In the process of scrolling through your social media feeds, you may have run into candid photos by your friends, where, in the caption, they write Until Tomorrow. It is one of the latest and possibly a not-so-interesting Instagram trend making rounds right now.

What Is the Until Tomorrow Instagram Challenge?

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So, what is the Until Tomorrow challenge Instagram, anyway?

The Only Until Tomorrow Challenge Instagram  is much like the Bingo Challenge and the Pillow Dress Challenge that we’ve seen on social media before. The #UntilTomorrow trend capitalizes on the feeling of extreme boredom, as we all struggle to spend time doing something instead of doing nothing. It isn’t centered on creativity or leisure but on the challengers who post embarrassing pictures or funny and unflattering images on their Instagram profile and then delete them after 24 hours.

It actually works like this: You start by posting a photo(s) titled “Until Tomorrow.” Alternatively, you can use the #UntilTomorrow hashtag in the caption section. You keep the image on your main account for a whole day. Next, you take down the picture but notify everyone who engaged with the post via DMs, asking them to participate in the challenge. It really is as simple as that. 

There are no crazy dance moves or sequences. This is just about you, in the comfort of your home, putting yourself out there by posting a bad photo of yourself. While the Until Tomorrow challenge is not the most creative trend we have come across, many people love it anyway. Posting embarrassing photos has never been this fun.

The Until Tomorrow challenge has mainly been propagated by influencers and wannabe influencers on Instagram. The reason: it helps them reach more people, create more engagement, and boost their visibility on the network. This way, they get followers on Instagram. After all, it is super easy and only takes you to post an embarrassing picture on the app.

If you’re one such person, it is a good idea to capitalize on this challenge, in addition to using a growth service to get organic followers for Instagram. But remember that not all such services are created equal. Make sure to choose a reliable and organic Instagram growth service that doesn’t compromise your account safety or violate Instagram’s terms of use or conditions.

Here are some common questions that many Instagram users have about the challenge:

What Is the Until Tomorrow Challenge on Instagram?

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“Until Tomorrow” signifies any post made on the app that takes 24 hours to decode or generate outcomes.

How to See the Until Tomorrow Challenge?

Finding this challenge is super easy. Search with the hashtag #untiltomorrow and you’ll quickly see many users participating in the challenge. Or simply type “Until Tomorrow” challenge in the search bar of the app and you find results in seconds.

Like any other Instagram challenge, this one is worth a shot, especially considering it requires minimal to no effort. So, hop on the trend and have some fun.

Maddie Schultz
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