What Does “SMT” Mean on Instagram

There are so many abbreviations used online nowadays that it can be challenging to know what some of them mean. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself up to date so that you are well-versed in the conversations or messages you run into online, whether on Instagram, Snapchat, or other social media platforms. 

An excellent example of one such abbreviation is SMT meaning in a text. This abbreviation on Instagram can have more than one meaning. In some instances, it can mean “smiling to myself,” “send me this,” or “sucking my teeth.” 

If you’ve found yourself typing  “SMT meaning text Instagram” on the Google search bar, this article is for you. Let’s break down the different meanings and which contexts they are used in.

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SMT on Instagram

Depending on the context, the abbreviation can stand for many things. Here are some of the common SMT meanings on Instagram:


“Sucking My Teeth”

One of the most common variations of SMT is sucking my teeth, which is common when you are thinking about a response after someone has asked you something. This could be a response to a story, comment, or post. Whenever you ask someone and the response you get is SMT, it means the person is trying to think of an appropriate answer before they respond. Therefore, the answer you will get will be a proper answer.

It can, however, also mean humor if you have an online conversation, an individual may send back an “SMT” in a private message or the comment section. 

The next time you get an SMT as a response, there is no need to panic. It just means that the individual is thinking about the best answer to give you and needs some time to process before responding. So provide them with the time they need to process the response.

“Send Me This”

Of all the meanings dedicated to “SMT,” this is by far the easiest, in our opinion, to decipher. When used in the context of someone replying to something funny or interesting in your story or post, it means to send them that. In this case, they are asking you to send it to them directly. This usually comes from someone you are close with on the messaging platform, and you share messages, videos, or pictures regularly. If the post, reel, or image in question does not require a response, in that it is not a question, then there is a high chance that the SMT is to mean “Send Me This.”

“Smiling To Myself”

This SMT meaning is not that common but still many use it to show that they appreciate one’s compliment or just when something is funny. 
Whenever someone posts something funny, whether on their story, a reel, or just a post, you might find some commenting SMT under the post. This is especially the case if the story or post involves someone who comments it. This can be through tagging the person in the post or story. The tagged individual then responds with the abbreviation, expressing appreciation or gratitude for being involved.  

The abbreviation can also be out of admiration of the post if someone has posted something cute, like kittens or puppies. It can also be a romantic gesture when you post something funny, adorable, or cute about your partner. Your partner, in this case, may respond with SMT to show that they like the post and have virtually smiled at it.


Figuring out the meaning of abbreviations can be challenging at times, but we hope you can decipher the meaning of SMT now. Then, whenever you run into the word on Instagram, it should be easy to find out what the user meant, depending on the context.

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