What Does “PMO” Mean on Instagram

As one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms out there, it’s no surprise that there are countless abbreviations and slang on Instagram. The platform boasts nearly 2 billion active users, and one smart way to say more with less is by using acronyms. 

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PMO is one such acronym that has taken Instagram by storm. However, it is still not well-known to many people. If you are eager to understand the PMO meaning in the text online, this is the place to be! This article will answer the burning question “What does PMO mean?” and how to use it when communicating online. Let’s get started!

What Does PMO Mean?

The acronym PMO stands for various definitions on Instagram depending on the context, be it Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat. Usually, means “Put me on.” On social media, particularly on Instagram, PMO is often used as a request or a plea to be featured or promoted by someone with a more significant following. 

Essentially, when someone says “PMO” on Instagram, they are asking to be put on someone’s radar and possibly receive a shoutout or other form of promotion to a wider audience. This term is particularly popular among influencers and content creators looking to expand their reach and gain more followers. However, it can be used by anyone who wants to be noticed on the platform.

Here are a few examples of how “PMO” is used on Instagram:

In captions:

“I just dropped a new song, PMO if you’re feeling it 🙏🏽💯 #newmusic #PMO.”

In Instagram Stories:

“Hey guys, if you’re not following my friend’s amazing art page, go check it out and PMO! 🎨👀 #art #PMO”

In direct messages (DMs):

“Hey, I really love your fashion page. Would you mind PMOing my new boutique? It would mean a lot! 🛍️💕 #fashion #PMO”

In comments:

“Wow, your makeup skills are amazing! Can you PMO me on your story so I can share your talent with my followers? 😍💄 #makeupartist #PMO”

It’s worth noting that while the PMO meaning on Instagram is primarily “Put me on,” it can also have another meaning: “Piss me off.” In this context, “PMO” is used to express frustration or annoyance with someone or something. Here are a few examples of how “PMO” is used this way:

In captions:

“This traffic is really starting to PMO 😤🚗 #frustrated #PMO.”

In Instagram Stories:

“Can’t believe my boss is making me work late again tonight. He really knows how to PMO 🙄 #worklife #PMO.”

In direct messages (DMs):

“Your constant negativity and complaints are really starting to PMO. Can we talk about something more positive? 🙅‍♀️ #negativity #PMO”

In comments:

“Your comments on my post were really unnecessary and rude. You’re starting to PMO now 🙄 #hatersgonnahate #PMO.”


We hope this article has helped you understand what PMO stands for. It is used as a request or plea to be featured or promoted by someone with a larger following and has become a common trend among influencers and content creators. However, it can also have another meaning: “Piss me off.” You’d want to consider the context and intended meaning of any acronym or slang term before using it yourself. 

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