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Social media has become an integral part of our lives, but anyone using Instagram for business knows that it’s not as simple or straightforward. The data behind the social media app can be overwhelming for some businesses and professionals in this industry because it is often difficult to ascertain. This holds true, especially if you don’t know what specific metrics mean. One such metric is impressions!

So, what do impressions on Instagram represent? Let’s have a look.

What Does Impressions Mean On Instagram And How To Access Them

Instagram impressions mean the number of times your content was shown to users. This includes your Instagram posts and your Instagram stories. Simply put, if a person is using the app and comes across your post or story, that counts as an impression.

The feature does not track unique viewers; it just counts viewers. Therefore, if someone sees your post or story two times, then that makes 2 Instagram impressions. However, it will only amount to one reach; your reach tracks unique users.

Instagram developed the impressions metric, so users can easily track awareness. The higher the impression on your account, the more users recognize you and your business. As such, it can lead to purchases in the case of businesses or more engagement for those who create content as a profession.

Difference Between Other Instagram Metrics

Impressions on Instagram

Reach refers to how many new people viewed your post. Engagement indicates the interaction of Instagram users with your posts. Likes, comments, shares, saved posts, incoming messages, mentions, brand hashtags, and click-throughs contribute to engagement.

On the other hand, engagement rate is the volume of total engagement that your Instagram profile got over a certain time. It is typically represented as a percentage. For example, if five people view your post, but only two of them like it or comment on it, your engagement rate is 40%.

The good news is that as a business, brand, or influencer, you can boost your reach, impressions, and engagement on Instagram by having more followers. But how to get more followers on Instagram, you ask! Content production is a vital part of follower growth, but you should couple this strategy with an Instagram growth service. Doing so will speed up the process of your Instagram growth.

How Can You Improve Your Engagement Rate?

There is no proven method to improve your Instagram engagement rates. However, anyone who stays active on the app gets greater chances to interact with their target audience and boost engagement.

This may require posting more often, conducting polls, posting videos, creating better captions, publishing content at a time when most of your target audience is active, and more. While there is effort involved, your luck can also play a role here.

Instagram metrics and its algorithm can be pretty frustrating to work with, but the greater the engagement on your content, the greater its chance of getting picked up by the app’s algorithm.

How to See Your Instagram Impressions, Reach, and Engagement Metrics?

Users having business accounts on Instagram can quickly track reach, impressions, and engagement through the analytics tool. Once you have the Instagram analytics set up, head over to the Instagram Insights tab in your account to see your profile’s metrics. This is where you will find all the data, statistics, and info to fine-tune your content marketing strategy and determine how to improve your reach, impression, and engagement rates.

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps to access more metrics and get deeper insights into your performance on the platform. Such apps may also help monitor multiple engagement metrics.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a powerful tool that is now a part of every brand’s marketing strategy. If you wish to grow your brand, switching to a business account is crucial to get started in your journey towards lucrative content creation and business growth. Plus, be sure to keep an eye out on vital metrics like Instagram impressions, engagement rates, and reach. Doing so will help you improve your social media marketing strategy.

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