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With how much I like Instagram, it’s a surprise how little I speak in my blog about this social network. But today will not be a day of silence, on the contrary, I will share some practices that I am absolutely in love with and some tips that I’ve tried out in this social network. So far, I’ve been getting good results 😉 You will find in this post some tips and tools to improve your Instagram marketing strategy and how to execute them. I hope you like it!

1 – Bet on the mini videos

The mini videos are a practical and fun format that can help us connect better with our Instagram audience.

Don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have the resources or money to make mini videos when there are many tools that can facilitate this task, below are some great examples of easy-to-use apps

  • Flipagram – to make mini videos with several photos
  • Lapse it – to create mini videos in stop-motion. The best example is that of @rachelryle
  • Hyperlapse – the tool to create time-lapse videos that Instagram has launched

2 – Intelligently and effectively manage your community on Instagram

Forget about generating last-minute content, strategically plan the contents you want to show and lean on good resources like the ones I’ll share below:

  • Picdeck to manage as a Tweetdeck for your Instagram account, it works with columns and it’s pretty good 😉
  • Editorial calendar to see what you will publish and when
  • Analyze well the effectiveness of your content with IconoSquare
  • Leave your photos scheduled using third-party apps
  • Manage multiple accounts, one from mobile, another from a computer. If you want to manage an account from Instagram, you will have to install BlueStacks, then sign up on Google Play and download Instagram. As you can see, you can do the same actions you do in your mobile app but this time, you do it from your computer.
  • Promote content in your other channels or accounts, remember that these accounts should also follow the current Instagram account you’re using (but only if you don’t share the same content)
  • Liven up your current community with a set of new and organic followers from Instagram growth service apps such as SimplyGram.

 3 – Take great care of the content you publish

After meeting and sharing knowledge with Kim and Phil for several days, I can assure you that you will change the way you post on Instagram. They manage the IGERS community and know exactly what an Instagram publication requires planning and time to make it perfect. From the framing up until the effects. The problem nowadays is that some accounts upload content that is too curated. If you are a brand, be aware that you do not need to focus too much on the design, rather you should focus more on the quality with something lighter, if suddenly there is a lot of branding, people pass on your content.

If you need to generate the images on a computer for your brand, I invite you to try the Instagram filters for Photoshop, so you can directly export the images as they have to be uploaded.

Other tips that I can give you about the content are:

  • Avoid dark images, clear ones always look better in the view of your fans
  • Always try to correctly focus on the plane that interests you the most in the composition of your image
  • Do not filter your images, you will take away the essence
  • Use collages without always abusing the technique
  • If you are going to put a watermark, type, or logo, confirm that it looks good and not pixilated
  • Never post content with unreadable texts

The exact size of the images on Instagram is 640px X 640px and the avatar is 161px X 161px

4 – Take care of your community

You’re probably complaining about how your profile doesn’t work well, but maybe you haven’t fully thought about whether you’re promoting the community culture or if you’re really just giving reasons to create a community around your brand. Here are some ideas to promote a community:

  • Ask questions in your posts or stories
  • Share content generated by your fans (always giving the credit evidently) with tools like Repost you can do it
  • Respond to your audience’s comments whenever you can
  • Show the most human side of your brand, that connects very well with the audience
  • Generate tutorials linked to your brand, this is always appreciated by your followers
  • Try telling a story with an image to see how they react
  • Offer good customer service to your fans
  • Always thank your fans whenever you can
  • When you show your products, do not just use your photos, invite your fans to upload the content and then share it 😉

5 – Create promotions

The contests can help brands to build loyalty and above all to grow in the number of followers. Through this way, you can get more followers who are quite engaging with the community. You can create promotions in this social network, the bad thing is that there are only a few tools that allow you to manage it and you’ll have to do almost everything manually. Now, I’m going to share the most typical contests done on Instagram:

  • Contest: upload a photo with a hashtag
  • Contest: upload a mini video with a hashtag
  • Contest to mention a friend in a post
  • Contest follow on Instagram and upload a photo or video
  • Contest follow on Instagram and mention a friend in a post
  • REPOST contest of a photo with a specific hashtag

6 – How to increase your followers

The first thing I will tell you is that you SHOULD NOT do the massive FOLLOW and UNFOLLOW technique to get followers. That will be of little use to you. Anyway, for the management of followers, I always invite my friends to see Justunfollow. This app allows you to access all of your followers and check the fans you are interested in following back.

The best advice to increase followers is betting on valuable content, inviting your fans from other social networks or making a contest to mention a friend. One last thing, don’t forget to try Instagram growth service apps such as SimplyGram. They offer optimal methods to gain organic and engaging followers and will definitely make you succeed on Instagram.

7 – Take advantage of hashtags without abusing

The hashtags are ideal for grouping the content but be careful with uploading posts with several hashtags, it is always better to prepare a list of hashtags that are most related to your brand and some that you’ve generated on your own. For example, for each category of content, you generate a hashtag of your own that then helps you to easily search for things. With this technique, one day you can tell your fans, “Watch all the tutorials with the hashtag #TutorialesMarcaX”

8 – Simple tricks that will help you in your management

  • Use icons with arrows to indicate that the link is in your BIO
  • Add the links as location, so the URL will appear and you can take it from there. It’s the alternative until Instagram allows you to post clickable links
  • If you are going to put a link in your BIO, shorten it with a
  • Take Instagram photos to Twitter with the trick of turning them into a pic.twitter

I hope you liked these tips and tools mentioned to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. 😉

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