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We love brands and professionals with a digital presence. Their updates and “unexploited” roles of sharing certain moments are revolutionizing social media strategies. Although there are some brands who think that you can’t include links on Instagram beyond the link in the bio.

In fact, this is one of the most frequent issues left by the students of Convierte + and, specifically, of the #Triunfagram course.

So in this article, we want to clarify that not only is it possible to put a link in Instagram Stories of profiles who have less than 10 thousand followers, but we can even put more than one in our bio.

The ultimate trick to put links on Instagram

After experimenting with accounts of different verified profiles, even if it’s a company or personal profile, there is one aspect that you have to consider: Instagram doesn’t stop evolving and doesn’t show its functions equally for all.

In this sense, the question of how to put a link in Instagram Stories has not been completely resolved because:

It was only until recently that you had to have an account with more than 10 thousand followers to have the option to include links in the stories. A requirement which we think is not always essential because there are those with less and have verified accounts.

But if you want to reach 10 thousand followers or go beyond that, SimplyGram can definitely help you get your organic followers clicking on all your links and authentic engagement. In any case, it is very likely that you have or manage an unverified IG account, so do not miss this article with practical hacks to:

  1. Make the most of the bio link.
  2. Put a link in the stories of an unverified account.

1) Link to more than one site from the biography link

One of the smartest actions to create a super bio for your Instagram profile is to make the most out of the bio link by personalizing it with tools such as:

  • IgLink  | To convert your mentioned URLs in your photo descriptions clickable so that users can click the formatted link in your bio as well. 
  •  | To take users who click on the link of your bio to more than one landing page (your website in several languages, the last posts of your blog, the featured products of your online store, etc.).
  • Link In Profile  | Another alternative to add clickable links to the images of your feed so that your users can go to where you want them to go (and everything also from the link of the bio).

2) Put links in Instagram Stories of unverified account

The stories offer so much potential when it comes to capturing leads on Instagram, it is not surprising that so many companies and professionals consider how to link their landing pages and recruitment forms from them.

As you well know, here the options are limited enough if you do not have a very powerful brand profile with more than 10 thousand followers, so take note of these tricks and practices to put a link in Instagram Stories:

3) Mention an account with a link in the bio

In line with the previous trick to make the most out of the link that Instagram allows to put in the bio of different types of accounts, remember that if you mention an account from a story, you will also activate a link to it.

So many brands that have not yet reached 10 thousand followers take the opportunity to promote in their stories the latest update linked to their bios. To do this, just mention the name of the account from the sticker “@ mention”.

4) Create video content for the IGTV channel

For the second option we have to include links in Instagram Stories for free, talk about IGTV, from which we can not only share longer videos (between 15 seconds to 30 minutes), but it also allows us to share the content directly in our stories and with links to our channel on this platform.

To maximize this step, you can use apps like SimplyGram which provides you the number of users— either it be 2, 000 or 3, 000 more— that help increase your engagements, viewers, and visibility.

5) Advertise through Instagram Ads Stories

Thirdly, if you have not yet decided to put ads in Instagram stories, keep in mind making this investment will allow you to put links in your Stories, whether or not you have a verified account.

In the following image you can see how the process of attraction to the sales page is divided into two phases:

  1. The first phase in which your story on Instagram makes the cover hook in any of its formats (video, photo, boomerang …).
  2. The second phase is activated after moving the swiping up and landing on the sales page itself.

Remember that to advertise in Instagram Ads Stories, you’ll need to pass your account to company profile through the link with a fan page.

This mini guide has provided you with hacks in getting the most out of the link in your bio and putting a link in Instagram Stories, even with managing unverified accounts or accounts with less than 10 thousand followers. Now it’s time to put them into practice!

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