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I have prepared a list of useful tools for the management of brands in this social network. Every time I discover new tools, I update my blog. Below is a list of great Instagram tool with a brief description:

Instagram Management

Explorer Torch

To download Instagram videos that you can export wherever you want, I recommend using the Torch browser. It is ideal and very easy to use.

Link  download

Insta Follow

Manage new followers and non-followers of your Instagram profile with this tool.

Link  download  iOS and link download  Google Play

Repost & Insta Repost

Through applications such as Repost App or Insta Repost, we can share third-party content in our Instagram profiles. Aesthetically, for brands, I think the Repost logo (Repost App) looks nicer.

Link download  Repost  and link download  Insta Repost

Simply Measured

In addition to, for account reports on Instagram, you can use Simply Measured. It offers one basic report for free and it can give you a very interesting set of data.

Link  download

Instagram Report Template

In a great Instagram marketer’s blog, I found a great template for Instagram report that can be useful for the management of brands.

Instagram Design

Typic PRO

Customize your images and give a special touch by adding iconography and typography.

Link download


An ideal tool to create collage of several images that can then be exported to the photo gallery or uploaded directly to Instagram.

Link download


This is a very good tool to tune the images that you want and then you can upload them to Instagram. With Over, you can add icons and texts.

Link download


Create content with attractive texts and designs and then share them on Instagram. Do not ever share a famous phrase with a basic tool, with Notegraphy, your contents can be very funny.

Link download


Through, you can analyze your profile by accessing very interesting analytics and you can also use the web browser to view content from other profiles or hashtags. It also offers tools to share Instagram content on Facebook websites, blogs and tabs.

Link download


If you want to create a broken header with several images and then share it on Instagram, PicSlit is the perfect tool for you. It has a free version and another one for payment.

Link download

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