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I’ve been studying the phenomenon of Instagram for several months with other brands and professionals, this research helped me a lot to write my book #Triunfagram. In this e-book-course, you will find recipes with the best strategies to succeed on Instagram. Today, I want to take this post to share the recipe to schedule and publish content on Instagram.

Why Schedule Content on Instagram?

  • Because you will save time and you will not depend on remembering to publish content
  • Because some tools recommend the best time to publish
  • Because you can leave the contents programmed from the computer instead of using the application
  • Because you create an editorial calendar that will help you strengthen your content strategies

How Content Programming Works on Instagram

To post content on Instagram we have to follow all the steps we take in the application. The only thing we can’t configure is the location to add keywords and calls to action. However, before publishing the content, we can always add this detail. 

Tools for Programming Content on Instagram

There are two types of tools for programming content, those that are uploaded directly from the computer and ones that you do not have to monitor. However, I have to let you know what kind of service is NOT approved by Instagram, but it works. The other option is that you program the contents from a computer or mobile phone and then you will receive an alert to publish them directly in the Instagram application. With this second option, you would be fulfilling the Instagram policy.

Tools That Publish Your Content From The web

  • Hootsuite –  the only official tool for publishing and programming content for Instagram.
  • Schedugram  – is one of the most powerful programming tools since it allows you multiple account management and easy upload of content.
  • Onlypult  – is the direct competition of Schedugram, it allows you to upload content directly and offers 7 days for free. The best thing is that you have a super good editor to share good publications.
  • Instapic – is a Windows tool that allows you to manage your Instagram account.

Tools That Publish From Your Mobile Application

  • Latergramme – for me, this is the best tool seeing that it has a mobile application. Although, it is better to use it from your computer. It will allow you to program 30 content per month for free for your Instagram account. Every time you have to publish your content, a notification will appear on your mobile so that you can post it.
  • Takeoff – is an application for Android and iOS that will allow you to program content on Instagram and even helps you choose the most active moment of your account.

Design For Instagram Publications

Finally, I want to remind you that I have a pack with 550 PowerPoint templates to design posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that can help you create more beautiful publications. It’s like having a Spanish CANVA app but you can do it offline. You’ll have the most modern typefaces and used by the best brands, HD photographs, and illustrations. You just have to put your texts or add your logo to give it to publish.

I hope these tools save you time and help you boost your Instagram management. Do not forget to try Instagram growth service apps like SimplyGram, they offer optimal methods to gain organic and engaging followers and will definitely make you succeed on Instagram. If you liked the post, remember to spread the love and share it with your friends.

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