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Surely you’ve heard about the power of Instagram influencers in Spain and their extraordinary achievements in advertisement. In fact, there are companies that exclusively allocate annual budgets of up to 6 figures just to fund their advertising activities.

Because of this there are more and more companies in the leisure, beauty, and fashion sectors who are encouraged to implement influencer marketing.

Without going into the moral value or ethical issue of this type of strategy, we’ll see in this article the top Spanish influencers of the moment and what are the best Instagram accounts (remember, not everything is about the quantity of followers even though it does help sometimes).

Instagram Influencers: Why and what?

Whenever we’re talking about influencers on Instagram with the right audience, we could say that some of the most remarkable benefits of their marketing actions lie in their power to:

  • Convey trust
  • Stay longer in the minds of the public.
  • Improve brand image
  • Increase sales by recommendation.

However, as a result of recent events— which has more to do with how some of the influencer’s marketing strategies are considered to be bad practices— we should also be well informed about this matter, which is shown in projects such as  “Fraud of influencers” by the agency H2H.

Important note: The practice among some “top influencers” of buying followers has led to Instagram’s algorithm to downplay the amount. What prevails is to achieve a high engagement rate, something for which the microinfluencers have come stomping in.

Top Instagram influencers in Spain

They probably don’t have the most followers because there are movie stars or music groups that exceed them, but I’m sure you’ll also hear many of the following names because they are public figures that greatly influence the opinion of the people, especially in the fashion industry:

Obviously, this list doesn’t end here, you can search many more top Instagrammers according to their sectors on platforms like influencers.web to know what trends are influencing your sector.

Features of the best Instagram accounts

As you have seen in the previous list of Instagram influencers in Spain, virtually all sectors have profiles that can help any brand or company to improve their image and, most importantly, to sell more on Instagram.

Although each profile can have different characteristics depending on which public sector they’re in, there are a number of common factors not only among the most influential but also among the profiles of brands that know how to do these things very well on Instagram, this includes the following:

  • Ability to communicate through content in different formats.
  • Ability to generate empathy with its users.
  • Very solid knowledge on a specific topic.
  • An updated profile, active and with content according to their image.
  • A high level of impact and engagement in each post.
  • A set of organic followers acquired from apps like SimplyGram engaging with your content and making it more visible to other users.

It is important to know how to identify “fake” influencers and not get carried away by the high volume of followers, because only the best Instagram accounts are full of interactions (look especially at the comments!).

Examples of feeds in Instagram accounts

Leaving aside the top influencers in Spain and their obsession with the idea of “the more followers, the better”, you have to remember that being considered as a reference in Instagram means that you have to do a lot of branding work for your profile.

The best accounts tend to follow a very define style in their feed that allows them to convey credibility and, therefore, encourage the increase of followers. Take note of some of these accounts that are a good example of this:

Examples of feeds in Instagram accounts
  • @Juanluisminaya has a great feed that’s taking different styles by their colors according to their different professional stages.
  • @Teilart has an amazing composition “3 to 3” of the same style (something very common among influencers who share different moments of the same day).
  • @Popsugarfitness follows a logical order through combining quotes, photographs, and other posts.

Tip for #Triunfagrammers: Never publish your posts at once because the engagement for the Instagram algorithm drops a lot. In other words, follow a specific time period between your old and new posts.

Examples of profiles and highlights in Instagram accounts

Finally, keep in mind that many of the best Instagram accounts are also characterized by their colorful profiles that combine highlights with very beautiful covers and a striking puzzle feed.

You can see an example of this in the account of @triunfagram and in one of our biggest references; @karinalarrauri.

Instagram example

Have you already taken note of your favorite influencers and the tips that apply only to the best Instagram accounts? Surely with all this information, a little creativity, and a set of solid followers provided by SimplyGram, then you can get your campaigns to also succeed in this social network.

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