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Instagram offers endless possibilities to create content. Its latest format, Instagram Stories, has created positively huge waves that are continuing to inspire many brands and companies to dive in and give it a try.

In this article, we’ll be sharing tips to help you get creative so you can create more compelling IG stories that attract attention and revenue. We’ll also be showing you some tricks that can help you go one step further as you learn to share stories that are different from your competitors’. Take note, because the examples here might just have the potential to boost your business.

4 Super Hacks to Create Stories on Instagram

Before taking a peek at the funny side of Instagram stories, pay attention to these 4 hacks that can give your content a more special touch.  

1) Trick to make a composition within a story

The first thing we will see is how you can create a composition on the background of your story without the use of external tools.

The idea is to add other images or photographs that you have already have stored in your mobile phone’s gallery so you can make a “collage” type composition.

To do this, here is the step by step guide with a sample Instagram story created with an iPhone:

  • With the background image already selected within the story (and without closing the Instagram application), go to your gallery.
  • Once you are in the photo gallery, select one and copy.
  • Return to Instagram Stories and select the option to copy (or you can directly select the option “add sticker”).
  • Repeat this trick again and again until you create a composition to your liking.
  • You can also create your own designs once all the photos have been added. Do this by adding frames with different colors, including emojis, etc. The great thing is that all these can be accomplished without having to leave the application.

2) Trick to design a nice background that stands out

Imagine wanting to add a photo with an eye-catching background and some highlighted text. Here is how you do it:

  • Select the pencil (or marker) function as if you were going to draw.
  • Choose the color for the background.
  • Tap the screen and the whole screen will light up with the selected color.
Trick to design a nice background

To achieve Version B of this trick to add interesting elements to your photo, you can:

  • Take a photo or select one from your gallery.
  • Add a colored background on top.
  • With the erase tool, highlight a part of the photo that you want to put emphasis on (like a testimony or slogan).
add interesting elements to your photo

3) Trick to create original headlines with effects

You can type your preferred text and create an identical copy in another color. Slightly superimpose both texts to create a highlighted illusion. You can also expand a period or an arrow to make a larger icon, and create geometric designs.

create original headlines with effects

4) Trick to create creative surveys in your stories

Instead of choosing the traditional poll sticker, which only lets you decide between two options, you can also create one from the stickers menu that allows your Instagram followers to rate the level of a certain reaction (depending on the emoji you selected).

Here, you can see an example of an Instagram story created with the poll slider option. With this, users can choose their response by moving the indicator to their desired range.

create creative surveys in your stories

Examples of funny Instagram stories

Here are some other examples of funny Instagram stories. Many of them were shared by our own followers who have explored the hacks shared in this article. Enjoy!

✪ Instagram story example on compositions

The use of compositions within stories is great not only to share thematic content with beautiful designs, but also to create fun effects like the one you see in the example below.

Instagram story example on compositions

✪ Examples of stories playing with the highlights

If you have already mastered the super trick to highlight positive testimonials from your Instagram followers in your stories, you can find other ways to use it here.

Examples of stories playing with the highlights
Examples of stories playing with the highlights

✪ Sample surveys in Instagram stories

There are many other original ways to connect with your Instagram followers using polls. Look at how cool these are!

Sample surveys in Instagram stories

✪  Other examples of Instagram stories with GIFs

GIFS are very useful. On top of animating a story or giving it a touch of humor, they can also work very well to give us the motivation to start the day, or call our attention to certain elements with a few simple movements.

Other examples of Instagram stories with GIFs

We just can’t get enough of them! We hope you got a healthy dose of creativity and fun with the samples that we shared with you here. You’ll have more people to share your funny stories with once you gain more Instagram followers in the future. If you want to fast track that into 30,000 followers in under a year, visit Simplygram for a free trial now.

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