Simply Measured Instagram Study - How Great Brands Use IG post image

In case you don’t know, at the moment, there are more than 1 billions users who use this application available for iPhone and Android and to date 40 billion images have been shared.

Thanks to this growth of Instagram, those of us who work in online marketing have a social network where we can communicate but above all interact with our audience. SimplyMeasured has just launched a new study on how big brands are using Instagram that can help us for future Instagram actions.

The main conclusions of the study are:

  • 40% of TOP 100 brands are using Instagram
interbrand 100 adoption by social network
  • Of the TOP 100 of major brands, the most active on Instagram are: MTV, Starbucks, Burburry, Nike, GE, Gucci, Audi, Tiffany, Hermés and McDonalds.
  • MTV and Starbucks have more than 750 thousand followers on Instagram
  • Only 3% of the big brands that have an Instagram account do not update it
  • 17% of large brands that have Instagram account have more than 10 thousand followers
  • 26% of large brands that have Instagram account postea one or more photos per week
  • 60% of big brands use Instagram filters to upload their images

The filter most used by big brands is Lo-fi.

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