Instagram Tags For Photography, Fashion, Traveling, and Music post image

In recent weeks, I’ve become more addicted to Instagram and I don’t think I’m the only one, this social photo network already has 1 billion users since it launched its Android application and was bought by Facebook.

The goal of Instagram is to share images to your circle of friends, however through the hashtags of the social network you can extend your photos to other people. For example, if you like photography, I recommend using labels that contain the word photography, or photo of the day.

If you like fashion, use basic labels that contain the words fashion, outfit or clothes. You can also add more labels depending on the occasion or your accessory of choice.

If you like to share images of your trips and adventures use the words travel or pic of the day.

Do not forget that depending on the image you are uploading, you can add your own labels such as the name of a brand, a place, etcetera …

NOTE:  If you want to start using these tags from now on, just copy them and paste them in the “Note” application of your mobile

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