How to Get Celebrities to Notice You on Instagram

Did you know that out of the “big three” social media platforms, celebrities prefer to stay active on Twitter and Instagram the most? It may be because the popularity of Facebook is steadily declining, or it may also be because Twitter and Instagram are easier to use for organizing brand promotions. And did you know that out of those two, it is simpler DMing celebrities over Instagram than over Twitter? That is probably because Insta direct messages are more noticed by the user than those of Twitter.

So that said, you have a greater chance of getting in touch with celebrities on Instagram than on any other platform. However, the celebrity that you adore may have tens of thousands of fans, crossing even millions and billions! At least half of them are DMing the celebs every day, hoping to catch their attention. And they may or may not have the time to respond to even ten odd messages depending on their schedule. So how can you be a part of that select batch of ten?

The Best Ways to Contact Celebrities

Before we can get into the specifics of how to DM a celebrity, let us consider the best ways of contacting them in the first place. You don’t always need to have their personal number to get in touch with them, though that is often the best and the hardest way. Here are a few other relatively easier options you may choose from. 

  1. DMs on Social Media: Most celebrities are active on social media platforms. It is quite probable that your most loved celeb may be using a social media manager to handle their accounts. But you have an almost equal chance either way because social media managers tend to refer interesting DMs to the concerned celeb, essentially getting you a reply from the celeb themselves.
  2. Official Websites: Many celebs own official websites so that brands can contact them for offers. If your favorite celeb has one, you may directly send them an email (found on their “contact” page) to receive a positive reply. If you are wondering what to DM a celebrity, then skip to the next section.
  3. Regular Mail: If you know where they stay and their address, then you may send them a written letter directly. In this day and age, when digital platforms rule the roost, getting traditional mail often works wonders for your image!
  4. Celebrity Agent or Publicist: Letters and DMs are all a thing of the present. But making personal, face-to-face contact is a thing of the past, hence the rarest. And since celebs are always on the lookout for something unique, you won’t go wrong if you were to contact them directly. Try reaching out to their agent or publicist to fix an appointment, either for a personal conversation or a thoroughly professional meeting. 

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How to Get Noticed by a Celebrity on Instagram?

According to experts, Instagram is a great way to get a message from a celebrity. In fact, it is the only way we think since responses on Twitter and Facebook are nominal, to be honest. With Instagram, your message gets noticed not only in the direct messages section but also in the comments section. And they receive a notification for each unless they have disabled it. But they only receive the first few words of your comment in the notification. So make sure that your first few words are absolutely marvelous! Here are a few other tips.

  1. Grab their Attention: Your first few words matter much more than your entire comment, even if the rest of the part is appealing and logical. Start with something unique while DMing celebrities, something that other fans don’t type. Big NO examples are, “you look amazing,” “hotness,” “spectacular click,” or something along those lines. Grab their attention with a unique line or a simple question, like, “how’s your day going?”
  2. Keep their Attention: If they have responded to your message, then you need to keep their attention. Don’t think of them as a celebrity. Assume that they are just some random acquaintance you met on the way to work. Try to make regular conversation as you would do with a friend.
  3. Sense of Humor: Celebrities are often caught up between work and home life. They rarely have time to hang out with friends, maybe joke around. That is where you come in. Crack a few jokes or research some jokes if you can’t remember any; make them laugh, and you may have a shot at bonding with your favorite celeb!

Which Celebrities Respond to DMs

You must know by now that most celebrities hire a social media manager to handle their Instagram account. These managers usually don’t respond to DMs and comments, but when they do, it’s generally at the prompt of the celeb themselves. It is also quite possible that you are receiving a message from a celebrity themselves!

  1. Taylor Swift: This cute singing sensation is known to comment on her fans’ online looks. So make sure that you have a good enough profile before DMing her or commenting on her Insta posts.
  2. Justin Timberlake: Another major singer and actor who is known to reply to Instagram DMs from fans. He may even give you birthday wishes on his profile if you are a part of his regular fanbase. 
  3. Chrissy Teigen: This amazingly popular swimsuit model makes a note of responding to every good fan she encounters. She is especially active on Twitter, but don’t be surprised if she replies to your Instagram DM out of the blue!

Reasons Why Some Celebs Ignore Fan Messages on Instagram

Imagine yourself in the shoes of your favorite celebrity. You have millions of followers on every social media account, getting hundreds of millions of messages every single day. With the acting/modeling/singing hours that you have, would you be able to respond to each and every message?

Getting Noticed: the Final Chapter

Thus, the answer to “Do celebs get DMs on Instagram?” is a definite “Yes!” But do they respond to those DMs? Each and every one of those? Definitely not! They do reply to a select few of those, however. So make sure that you have a good enough profile and an even better attention-grabbing line while DMing celebrities, or you might become part of the thousands of fans who get ignored by their favorite celebs.

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