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How to get 100 followers on Instagram? You’ve probably heard about many services that promise to help you get 100 Instagram followers immediately, but learning how to grow your audience organically should be your top priority. Below you’ll find five simple but valuable tips you have to try.

Like and Comment on Other User’s Photos

Is there a free way to gain 100 Instagram followers? Although none of the tips we discuss in this blog will help you score 100 followers on Instagram right away, they’re all proven growth strategies every Instagrammer should know. Engaging with your audience is a basic step you have to practice if you want to be seen. This means you have to find profiles within your industry, like their photos, leave comments and even share their content. Chances are they’ll do the same for you.

Post a Photo at Least Once a Day

How to obtain followers on Instagram without spending a fortune on ads? First, your posting schedule should be consistent. Research shows that you should post at least one photo per day, more than one story, and several videos per week. Ensure that the content is unique, and you’ll soon get 100 followers on Instagram.

Use Popular Hashtags in Your Descriptions

How to gain 100 followers on Instagram and keep growing organically? One of the easiest tricks is to enrich your descriptions with popular hashtags. Start by researching some of the most relevant and popular hashtags for your industry, then include them in the descriptions. Next, you can experiment with different tags and see which ones get the most engagement.

Post During Popular Times

How to get 100 followers on Instagram in one day? Will you achieve this goal if you post during popular times? There is no guarantee that you’ll get new 100 followers on Instagram if you do this tip, but you’ll definitely get higher engagement and more followers. You should check your insights to see when your audience is the most active and post during those hours. These times can vary, so you can try different posting times and see which one works best.

Link Your Instagram With Your Other Social Media Accounts 

Is this the secret answer to the question ‘How to get 100 followers on Instagram in 1 minute?’ Unfortunately, that’s not the case, but it’s one of the best ways to drive traffic from one social network to another. Since many of your Facebook friends don’t follow you on Instagram and vice versa, you can promote each platform and include a call-to-action. You’ll be surprised to see how many people will follow you after posting about your Instagram on other networks or your website. So, when people ask us ‘How to get 100 followers on Instagram?’, one of the first things we tell them is to link all their socials and cross-promote.


Is there a way to get free 100 Instagram followers? Yes, the tips we discussed above are excellent ways to increase your following and get higher engagement. So, what happens when you get 100 followers on Instagram? This is when you have to work even harder to grow your brand and implement even more strategies to increase brand awareness.

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