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A year and a half ago, I discovered the tool crowdfireapp, since then the biggest benefit I’ve gotten is to quickly follow back to the followers. I don’t know if you know but Twitter is forbidden to massively select users and then follow or unfollow all of them, however with this too, you leave your mouse clicking and you are quickly following the followers.

Functions Offered by Crowdfire App to Manage Twitter Accounts & Followers

  • Show your “Non-Followers” – users that you follow but they do NOT follow you
  • Show your fans – users that follow you, you can see their profile picture, name, tweets, followers and you also have the option to follow them, send them a private message, add them to a list or send them a tweet
  • Show the users who have stopped following you
  • Show the users that are following you
  • Show your inactive followers – you can select the option to see the inactive ones of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months
  • Show the users that you are following
  • Option to copy followers – that is, you can write a user and access their list of followers to be able to copy them. This is not the best practice in the world especially if you copy directly to your competition. But I’m not going to lie to you that many brands use it, especially small ones to get new followers related to your brand.
  • Option to check friends – check if two Twitter users are followed

Functions to Manage Instagram Profiles & Followers

  • Show your “Non-followers” – that is, the people who do not follow you, even if you like them
  • Show your fans
  • Option to catch followers
  • Option to check if two Twitter users are followed

Finally, I would like to clarify that for some brands, especially those that are based on interacting with fans, the practice of doing “Follow Back” is not only accepted but rather recommended. On the one hand, users appreciate it and feel special and on the other hand, it opens up the possibility for private messages. In a future post, we will talk about the functionalities of other Social Networks tools that will surely help you manage your brands.

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